How boxer Amir Khan’s victory is a pride for Pakistanis?

This is seriously absurd to envisage the triumphing of Khan over Argentinean Marks Medana, especially when all Pakistanis know that Khan is not even a born Pakistani. Who knows for Khan this might have been a fortune, because Pakistani boxers though are amassed with talent and competency to face sport challenges of the opponent are deprived of most of the international facilities that are only available to the international boxers.


A Pakistani boxer Mirwais Khan says in a response to newspaper Dawn dated Nov 10 this year, “There is so much talent in the country, a prime example of which are the wrestlers who won gold at the 2010 CWG. But we do not have international facilities to support that talent. Boxing is risky, so we should be compensated accordingly. In my hometown of Chaman, there is one gym where all the boxers from the area train. The punching bag over there is so torn up and dusty that we have to spray it with water before training. Gloves and headgear is also borrowed”.


For those who expect media to highlight our boxing talent, they must take a realist stance because our media is already busy these days in signifying the attention towards Pakistani sport corruption in cricket. As long as there remains corruption, it seems good to talk about sports. However, those sportsmen who are hard working athletes, boxers, and wrestlers it takes some effort to really figure out the scope of the profit.


So, it is good to see a “British” Pakistani winning boxing championship. But I don’t feel it could bring any source of pride to my dear fellowmen, who consider being in a waiting list, looking forward to the victories. Might be in this manner we are able to satisfy our conscience. Some victory to associate with our mother land, never mind how indirectly it comes to us!