How Can You Get a Bigger Home-Theater With Your Money? Go Big! Save More!

After researching about the benefits of flat panels and measuring your entertainment center, be sure that it could handle an extra-wide screen. For the past years, you have waited for screen sizes to increase as prices drop. There has never been some better time, but now for brands that woo customers with low prices, or budget could now accommodate a bigger television. Thanks to the many lesser known brands that woo customers with low prices. Your budget could now help you in deciding to make a switch from old CRT to flat panel.

Best Buy’s 50 inch 720p Insignia flat panel plasma is one perfect example of an affordable-priced television. It could give several screen real estate. Lots of consumers purchase TVs based on their sizes, they want something which would definitely be a statement piece.

A top-notch TV from Sony and other popular brands could go as high as $ 6,000, while Insignia plasma TV will provide size and quality at a really lower price. With the price of $ 1,299.99, Insignia plasma TV will let you buy all components that you need for creating a stunning home theater.

If you are upgrading from your CRT TV, you will find out that Insignia plasma TV solves 2 problems at once. It is a flat panel television which means it consumes lesser space than the old and bulky CRTs. More significantly, the Insignia TV has built-in HDTV tuner that ensures that it would weather any upcoming technology changes that over-the-air televisions produce. The television will also contain the documents and statements. The television can also support high definition cable television and the contents of HD DVD players and blu-ray discs.

The Insignia plasma TV offers huge and bright picture, thanks to the 15,000:1 contrast ratio and the 50 inch screen. It also supports standard 16:9 widescreen ratio, however, it could also switch to zoom modes when you’d want a TV that does not adhere the new widescreen format.

You could experience theater surround sound through connecting the Insignia TV to a sound system that’s discrete and has 6 or more speakers.