How Do I Get My Girlfriend Back? Don’t Let Too Much Time Go By – Here’s Why

Is the question “how do I get my girlfriend back” constantly going round your head? If it’s any consolation you are not alone. The majority of guys who have lost their girl will be in the same boat. And sadly for most of them they will lose their girl forever.

Here’s how it usually goes… You & her have a bit of a bust up, and she either leaves you or tells you its over. For the first few days you are probably annoyed at how it’s turned out. Maybe you’re blaming her. The next few days you calm down and start to miss her a bit.

Now you realise you want her back. But a bit too much time has gone by. And you don’t know how to go about making contact again. The more you worry about it the more time goes by.

Maybe you even hope she gets in contact with you. More time going by while you wait for this. In the mean time she is catching the eye of other guys. There’s something about newly single girls that guys seem to recognise. Within a couple of week’s she’s thinking about going on that date that some guy at work asked her for. After all, she’s heard nothing from you.

Here’s how it should go… You split up after a bit of a row. Nothing too serious but still, you both aren’t talking. You give yourself a day or two to get your emotions under control. You formulate your plan of attack for getting her back.

Over the next few days you put your plan into action. You follow the steps one at a time, knowing you are in control of the situation. You realise you now know how to get your girlfriend back. A week or two go by and you are tentatively seeing each other again. Maybe just for the odd coffee but you are still seeing each other.