How do I Hold Mice and Rats Out of my Chicken Coop?

If you are thinking of acquiring backyard chicken but are worried that you will have a difficulty with rats or mice, there are preventative measures that can be undertaken to hold away these dirty creatures. It really is not the chickens or the eggs that interest the mice, but it really is the food, water and a nice protected area to live that encourages them to co-exist in your chicken coop. Although each mice and chickens really like grain and seeds, chickens are in fact omnivores, which means they also consume meat. This means that a mouse that is a bit slow operating by way of the coop, may discover that he becomes a light snack for one particular of your chickens. I wouldn’t nevertheless, rely on your chickens to preserve your mouse dilemma below handle. Owners of backyard chickens need to often take preventative measures to keep away these undesirable visitors that can bring with them a range of illnesses.

Keeping Mice Out of the Chicken Coop

The 1st thing that you might believe to do is to attempt to physically preserve mice out of your chicken coop. This, nonetheless, is really difficult to truly obtain. Mice can fit into spaces we would in no way assume they would be capable to obtain access.If you have a fixed chicken coop made with iron walls, a concrete floor and fine mesh, you could be capable to maintain them out. But if you’ve got a mobile chicken coop or you regularly free range your chickens, there’s likely to be a tiny gap somewhere for these determined creatures to locate their way in. So physically maintaining mice really out of your chicken coop may not be genuinely achievable, but there is nonetheless other methods to hold them below control.

Mice Adore Spilt Feed

A single of the principal ways to avert mice coming into your chicken coop is to make certain that your chickens are not spilling feed onto the ground. As producers of mobile chicken coops, we typically had buyers ask us about approaches to prevent the spillage of grain onto the ground. Chickens can waste a lot of grain by scratching it onto the ground which fees a lot of funds and also attracts wild birds and rodents. To be honest, we have been also getting issues with our chickens wasting lots of feed. We had been determined to overcome this difficulty and so decided to design our own feeders.

We’ve made our feeders with unique dividers in the middle of the feeding tray that discourage chickens from ‘swiping’ the feed onto the ground. Chickens will naturally attempt to sort their grain mix to locate the tastiest piece of grain or seed. We’ve identified our feeders truly do minimize the quantity of grain that is wasted. The chickens are forced to peck at the feed to consume it, rather than ‘explore’ the grain mix and make a fantastic mess with their feed. We’ve identified that possessing a feeder that prevents feed wastage is a crucial issue in keeping away the rats and mice. So while they might physically be capable to come into your coop, if you can get your spilt grain beneath handle, you are going to also have your mice dilemma under control.

Scattering Grain

If you have a genuinely bad mice dilemma, you could be tempted to just feed your chickens at one particular point in the day by scattering their feed on the ground. Unfortunately, chickens do considerably greater if they have a normal, continuous supply of feed that they can access all through the day. Self-feeders are actually the only effortless way to make certain they have a continuous supply offered. Rather than taking away the self-feeder all together, it is considerably wiser to invest in a feeder that limits the amount of grain spilt.

Keeping your Provide of Feed Away from Mice

You also want to make positive that your grain or pellets are stored appropriately in a sealed container. Rats and mice can be pretty determined if they sniff out some meals that they are interested in. Several years ago I discovered a lost Tupperware container in our garage, hidden behind a cupboard, that was totally chewed by means of for the mice to acquire access to the meals that was hiding inside. Tough plastic or even wood is not a dilemma for rodents. Be positive to buy a sturdy container, ideally made of metal, to store your grain.
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