How Do Online Fraud Investigators Prioritize What Companies They Go after for Infractions?

Online fraud investigators are professionals who provide investigative services to help clients deal with fraudsters who indulge in counterfeiting. These investigators provide enterprises with information about the numerous different sites and perpetrators involved in these delusive practices. Next they prioritize these companies according to the level of damage they have caused or will cause to the original brand. Online infractions are increasing and they continue to threaten brands globally. While only 10% of all infractions are considered grave hazards for an enterprise’s brand, sometimes only one such infraction is enough to damage an entire enterprise.

Simply engaging simple search solutions is not enough to stop such infractions. What is required is a solution that helps enterprises correctly determine the most offensive counterfeiters who are eating into their legitimate revenue pie surreptitiously. Anti-counterfeiting solution providers like New Momentum place emphasis on determining WHO exactly the offenders are. They also reveal offenders’ previous brand violations, since it is a known fact that serious offenders have a long drawn previous history of indulging in counterfeiting or gray market activities. Such offenders are given priority status by online fraud investigators since these seasoned offenders are likely to cause more damage to the original brand.

Some brand protection companies offer solutions that prioritize according to risks, whereby health risk is deemed the highest. In such a case any fake product that is a potential health risk is reported first to the enterprise. In some cases online fraud investigators undertake high‐level data analysis of internal and external databases and produce case‐specific intelligence. This type of assessment report assists the investigation whenever priority cases are required. These investigators further implement appropriate case selection strategies and controls to guarantee that resources are targeted and utilized for the cases that demand the topmost priority. So, primarily they direct the client to cull information to determine who to target first.

Eventually everyone comes to know that brand protection is all about being alert. It’s about understanding the value of your product and ensuring that you protect your creation. With habitual and regular monitoring of your brands online, every enterprise can ensure that infractions are kept at bay.