How Do Polished Men Get Ready to Go Out?

Most women think that men just have to throw on a pair of jeans off their floor and a shirt and they’re ready to go – unlike women who have so many things to take care of. But that’s not at all the case. While (most) men don’t wear make-up or tweeze their eyebrows, their morning regimes are getting more and more elaborate. Wondering what’s included in a polished man’s routines? Read on.

1. Serum:

Men care about getting, or better yet, looking old too. They visit their cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists regularly to learn about the latest and greatest age-fighting products. At the moment, hot anti-aging serums include the Youth Serum by Dr. Sebagh, Clinique Repairwear Laser &f Focus, Deep Wrinkle Serum by Perricone MD, White Caviar Illuminating Serum by La Prairie, and High Recharge Energy Shot by Biotherm Homme.

2. Cologne:

Choosing a cologne is very personal. Unlike serums, men choosing cologne for themselves generally don’t require anyone’s consult, and certainly not that of a professional. But choosing a nice cologne is extremely important. Not only does it embody who you are and stay with people long after you leave a room, but cologne can also make the difference of how people interact with you. Not to sound cut-throat, but a bad smelling cologne will make people turn and walk away. A gorgeous smelling one however, can make even an unattractive man appear sensual and sexy.

3. Shoe shining:

While some men like to have their shoes shined for them (old tradition), others take pleasure in doing it themselves (it reminds them of their younger days). Have you seen Paul Smith’s luxury shoe care kit? It’s absolutely lovely. And apparently it’s not only dress shoes that require shining, sneakers need a little brush too! L.A. designer, Jason Markk created a Premium Sneaker Solution Set that wipes away unwanted marks.

4. Jewellery:

Nothing finishes off a morning routine like putting on some final touches of bling. After a good wash, shave, and spritz a classy man slips into his gorgeous suit, fastens his shirt sleeves with gorgeous cufflinks and maybe puts on a pinky ring. For a more casual look, some men like silver bracelets or maybe even a shiny diamond in their ear.

And when the morning routine starts feeling tired, well-kept men like to head to the spa. Some good ones to note are: Anassa Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus; Castello del Nero in Italy, and The Four Seasons in Mauritius.