How Do You Go About Draught-Proofing Sash Windows?

Draught proofing sash windows is a terrific way to save on your energy costs because it effectively seals off any gaps that could let in draughts into the house. In fact, when the work is done well, draught proofing sash windows can be a cheaper alternative to replacing one’s leaky windows.

Since draft proofing sash windows is such a great way to save money, many London area homeowners wonder how one could go about draught proofing their sash windows. They also wonder what types of materials they might need to complete the job.

Here is how many London area handymen go about draft proofing sash windows:

1) The first step in draft proofing sash windows is removing any outer casings and any decorative mouldings that are attached around the outside of the window frame.

A Handyman usually removes these casings and mouldings from the window sill, the window jamb and the rails using a pry bar or a chisel.

2)The handyman then removes the lower sash to put a heavy duty seal strip along the interior of the window frame.

Handymen usually do this by first cutting a shallow slot into the rear part of the meeting rail that closes up against the window’s upper sash. After the slot is cut into the meeting rail, the handyman installs a heavy-duty brush-pile seal strip that can withstand many years of use.

3) Once this is done, the two parting beads that are located near the meeting rail and the upper sash are removed and replaced with new parting beads.

These parting beads have new brush-pile seal strips attached to them. This makes it easy for the handyman to seal off any draughts that might sneak past the parting beads.

4) Next, the handyman then attaches draught-proofing rubber seals to the top and bottom rails.

These rubber seals seal off any draughts that might appear where the rails are attached to the stills, the jambs and the sashes.

5) In addition, some handymen might also replace the sash cords in the window if they need replacing.

This is usually done as a courtesy for their customers.

6) Finally, the handyman reassembles the sash window and the job is finished!

As you can see, draught proofing sash windows is easy if you have the right tools and an idea of how to find all the places where draughts might sneak into a house. However, if you need help with draught proofing sash windows in your home, why not consider asking the experts at Silver Saints for help today?

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