How do you learn to play ?blues guitar’? Aurora and York region lessons & tutoring

How do you learn to play ‘blues guitar’?  Aurora and York region lessons & tutoring

When you first learn to play blues guitar learn the basics from someone that knows how to play the blues.  A lot of inexperienced guitar players are very weak at the turnaround section of the blues progression.  If you are not sure how to play the turnaround bars that get you back to the head of the tune everything will fall apart.  The players will not know where the ( 1 ) down beat is.

First learn easy beginning blues turnarounds.  Learn to play the 12 bar blues, the 8 bar blues and the 16 bar blues.

Listen day and night to blues.  Be careful what you wish for cause it may happen.  It is going to turn you into a good blues player if you are exposing your self to it all the time. 

Learn blues note licks & riffs in different friendly blues keys like E, A, G, C, F, and Bb.

Learn the pentatonic blues scale in all positions.

Get use to playing your guitar in front of people. Try and find Jams around your town to try out singing your new songs, and playing your blues guitar solos.

You have to really try different amps for you to find the right sound and match for your guitar and amplifier.  I can’t stress how important this is.  You have to find a perfect match for your guitar and amp.

Learn how to play your blues licks in different positions on the guitar fret board.

Learn the different groves in the blues. There are shuffle rhythms, Chicago rhythms, Delta rhythms, swing blues rhythms.  This is a few of the blues feels.

It is so important to learn classic blues licks, and classic double stops

String bending on the guitar is a blues guitar technique that will get better as you’re mature as a player.  A guitarist can develop his own signature string bends.

Learn to use blues unison bends. They produce a very cool sound. Jimmy Hendrix used this technique.


Listen to great blues guitar players.

Eric Clapton

Stevie Ray Vaughan

Robert Cray

B.B. King

Buddy Guy

Robben Ford

Rick Washbrook

Muddy Watters

Howlin’ Wolf

Jimmy Page

Mike Bloomfield

Magic Slim


By: Rick Washbrook

June 22, 2011

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How do you learn to play ‘blues guitar’?  Aurora and York region lessons & tutoring










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