How Does an Entrepreneurial Mindset See the Future Through the Past?

“If you can dream it, you can do it!” (Walt Disney 1901-1966) Where you have been points to where are you going. That’s what the whole entrepreneurial mindset is all about!

Easy? Maybe for some folks, but others have to dust off their dreaming muscles and get busy.

“Entreprendre” (Old French circa 1852) Entrepreneur means to undertake the risk of innovative enterprise, a vision of the future.

Your new entreprenurial mindset would begin identifying and creating one opportunity after another and then passionately guiding action aimed at realizing it.

You would be tuned into what the world needs, wants and complains about. You would be the one helping them out with your products and services that would be perfectly targeted toward solving their problems. They would be eternally grateful to you and you would be more successful than you ever imagined! “Entreprendre” in action, full throttle ahead!

With effort, the majority of us can get pretty good at seeing those opportunities, but for so many reasons (aka excuses) we get stuck in the mud with the second part… seeing it through, walkin’ the walk. We can’t seem to find the muscle to push ourselves to do what is necessary to create products and services that would help ourselves and the world as we vision the problems solved.

We forget how to take baby steps and trust ourselves, to know that if we keep at it, we will be able to walk the entrepreneur walk faster and faster, until we can run. We will learn from our mistakes and move on, after every little success and every perceived failure. Never stop! Just like a baby who’s learning to walk. Imagine, in remembrance of the baby in all of us, the elation of that moment of victory and independence.

Put the right foot in front of the left one and don’t look back, just keep on walking!

Trust yourself, stand tall, look straight ahead, don’t waiver and move toward your goal. “The best part about the future is that it comes only one day at a time.” (Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865)

Take action and enjoy perfecting all those wonderful ideas you have in your head. Put them on paper, 5 each day, read them each morning and breath them into being. Once the visions and goals are in daylight, you will have your chance to put them to the test of time with consistent and persistent discipline and measure their success with the truth serum of a successful entrepreneur.

Learn to listen to people everywhere, their difficulties and challenges. Identify the common problems and goals, and utilize the courageous spirit of the new age entrepreneur and vision a solution, see it through! Check your compass!