How Does Chi Energy Healing Work?

How is it possible to heal with Chi? The word ‘Chi’ means energy. From a Chinese medical perspective, this is the life energy that keeps a person alive. Without Chi, you would have only a collection of bones and other organic matter.

Chi is responsible for the healing that takes place in the body. Chi healing insures that more Chi gets to the area of the body that needs to be healed. This can be done in a number of ways. A healer can remove blockages of chi flow. If an injury has taken place, there are usually areas of trauma or blockages around the wound which prevent Chi from flowing properly and doing its job. By removing Chi blockages, a healer can increase the flow of Chi and thereby help a wound to heal more quickly. A healer can also simply focus Chi on the area needing healing.

These are the basic steps that a Chi healer will follow:

1. Scan the patients’ energetic field to look for imbalances or deficiencies in Chi. Skilled healers can diagnose a patient based on their energetic field because they will recognize the energetic patterns that indicate certain conditions. There are as many different sensations as there are injuries and maladies. In order to be able to do this properly, a beginning student will need the assistance of a skilled practitioner. In a healthy person, the energetic field will be smooth and consistent. There won’t be any disturbances in temperature or energy throughout the field. However, if one area of the field feels extremely hot or cold or there is a major bulge in the energy field, then the patient’s energy field needs to be balanced.

2. Once a healer recognizes the condition of the patient, the blockage or negative energy can be pulled out. Afterward, it can be replaced with Universal Chi. Alternatively, the healer can simply focus Universal Chi on the area.

3. Lastly, a Chi healer will seal the area. This will allow the natural Chi flow of the patient to resume once again.

Some conditions can be improved without directly intervening with Chi. Most Americans live a lifestyle that makes their energy a little bit unbalanced. For example, many Americans do not drink enough water. To an energy healer, this will cause the energy field to feel slightly hot in certain places. Unless immediate medical attention is needed, a healer can explain the problem to the patient and tell them that they need to drink more water. Stress and emotional issues can also affect a person’s energy field. For these, there are a number of breath and Chi Kung exercises that a healer can recommend.

A good energy healer can definitely affect a patient through working with Chi. In some cases this can seriously improve a patients’ health. However, it is also important for patients to take good care of themselves and live a healthy lifestyle. A good healer can also notice the causes of imbalances in a patients’ energy field and help patients make changes to correct them.