How Does Social Bookmarking Work As A Link Building Technique

With the introduction of World-wide-web 2.0, social bookmarking sites came to existence to offer web marketers a world of possibility for link building. All a human being needs to do is to sign up for a specific bookmarking site/blog or create a profile there and bookmark the site.

Think of conventional way of doing your bookmarks, or most typically known as favorites. You essentially uncover a site/blog or page that you like and want to save the site/blog for your future use. You also may be wanting to share the site with your friends, family members, co-workers, or classmates. What you customarily used to do, and in some cases still do, is click on your browser favorite or bookmark option to bookmark or favorite a website.

While this is all good, major issue of bookmarking this way is that it only bookmarks the website on local computer. You cannot share it with others. If you want to share these bookmarks with others, you will practically have to copy the links and email them to whomever you want to send to.

With the introduction of social bookmarking, no need to save the information locally. You can bookmark your favorite sites on public bookmarking directories like Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Mixx, etc and share them with others. Since these directories are public, anyone can access them from wherever they are. And the beauty of all this is that, they can be accessible by search engines as well.

When search engines figure out those articles, they not only read the content of those sites and articles, they also follow the links found on those webpages and index the articles they recognise. People interested in link building by now achieve the theory that this method can now be utilized for link building purposes. So go ahead and provide that a try for some easy backlinks.
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