How Domestic Cell Phone Manufacturers Go Out The Difficult Position

With the overall decline in market share of domestic cell phones, the replacement speed of the camps of domestic cell phones is also accelerating. Difficult to keep up with user needs because the rate of change, some of the traditional cell phone giant into a huge loss and the gradual fading out; At the same time, some New Army With the advantages of fast reaction channels and the gradual rise of local companies become the backbone against foreign brands . Old giant into a quagmire huge loss Has been called “cell phone in the aircraft,” the Bird, the former domestic cell phone giant is the best example of the decline. New filing shows the first half of this year, Bird was 457.8 million yuan of sales revenue, down 64.55%. During this period, the company’s net loss of 38.54 million yuan, higher than last year’s 22.08 million yuan. Bird said in a statement, the company and main business revenue Main business costs dropped significantly over last year mainly due to an increasingly competitive domestic cell phone market, and with the French Sagem Mobile Telephone Co. Ltd. to terminate the business cooperation, resulting in the company of domestic and foreign cell phone sales volume decline, operating income and operating costs reduced accordingly. And the waveguide is similar to another former fame Kejian cell phone manufacturers are also struggling with huge losses. In 2008, the company’s operating income decreased 21.33% to 8.3146 million yuan, the net loss of up to 9,960,800 yuan. April 8, 1994 listed Kejian, the marriage had to rely on rapid growth and Samsung, but Samsung has made with the 2002 domestic GSM license in the GSM handsets immediately abandoned Kejian, which this gradual decline. The rise of new forces challenge foreign brands Bird, Kejian, etc. While the decline of former giants feel sorry for Tianyu as the representative of the company has gradually become the local backbone of manufacturers against foreign brands. Sino national advisory body to the statistical data show that the first quarter of this year, Tianyu’s day language brand cell phones has sold more than Motorola, behind only Nokia and Samsung, as sales of the first domestic cell phone brand manufacturers. Last week, Vice President Xiao Zhaojun Tianyu disclosed, in September this year, the day on the phone language has reached one million sales. According to reports, Sky is on cooperation with NVIDIA and will be launched before the end of a main application of cell phone products. Compared with Tianyu, Huawei, ZTE, two giants in the telecommunications industry, local business longer, their performance in the cell phone market is also becoming more and more stable. In 2007, ZTE’s handset sales volume exceeded 31 million, in 2008, the company’s cell phone sales broke through the 45 million, an increase of the half. 3G and overseas markets betting on the future The end of the 2G era, domestic cell phone manufacturers have not yet completely free of foreign brands of repression. Widely believed, 3G market and overseas market will be the key to revival of the local manufacturers. Currently, the domestic 3G market, has launched more than six months, major telecom operators have to compete for opportunities on a large scale cell phone customization, and the number not the lack of local manufacturers custom figure. Some analysts have pointed out that in the current competitive market situation, the domestic cell phone manufacturers and telecom operators through the integration of the tied up, so 3G is an infinite their broad market opportunities (cheap 3g phones). In addition, with the upgrade of domestic cell phones in the ratio of cost and performance and the example function of Huawei, ZTE and other manufacturers, more and more overseas operators have begun to throw the order cell phone manufacturers in China, overseas business opportunities in the cell phone market has gradually been excavated (cheap cell phone). Seen from the current development trends, by end of this year, the market share of China’s cell phone shipment volume will accounted for nearly 40% in the global market (cheap cell phone from china). BOLA TANGKAS