How Europe Can Be the Next Superpower

Myth and dreams are more powerful than history and facts.

With numerous prestigious polls indicating the global decline of Brand America, the new EU can usurp the void if it can convey a dazzling new story about itself.

Today, even EU citizens feel vaguely disenchanted despite their new freedoms because the EU had failed to harness a unified and electrifying image that can out-brand Brand America:

Here are some compelling EU facts:

The EU per capita GDP is as strong as the U.S. And the euro is stronger than the dollar. The EU population exceeds America’s 300 million by an added 200 million. It has the greatest number of cultures and diversity than any other continent. Seven of the World Economic Forum’s top ten business friendly nations are in the EU: Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Britain; the other three are Singapore, the United States and Japan.

The EU dominates the Top 20 most educated global populations:

Number 1 is Norway, (2-Finland, (4-United Kingdom, (6-Sweden, (7-the Netherlands, (9-Belgium, 10-Denmark, (number 11 is France, (12-Spain, 13-Germany, (15-Portugal, number 16 is Switzerland, (17-Ireland, (19-Italy, and (number 20 is Austria. America is number 14 on the list.

The EU is the most visited continent on Earth. France the most visited nation.

France, though a small nation of 63 million compared with America’s vast landscape and 300 million population, is the most visited nation on the planet, and the EU the most visited continent: France draws 75,500,000 visitors a year, the United States 50,900,000, (Spain 48,200,000, (Italy 41,200,000, (the United Kingdom 25,200,000, (Russia 21,200,000, and Germany 19,000,000.

The most visited world city is Paris, and in the U.S. NYC is the favorite among global travelers.

The EU has the most beautiful women.

Finally, the EU is also claims five of the world’s Top Ten cities with the most beautiful women according to the famed magazine, ‘Travelers Digest’:

Amsterdam in the Netherlands tops the list, Moscow, Russia ranks fifth, Varna, Bulgaria is seventh, Copenhagen, Denmark is ninth, and (Stockholm, Sweden is number ten on the list for most beautiful women in the world.

The EU needs a story and a brand.

Mythologist Joseph Campbell said that humanity needed a new mythology. Anthropologist Margaret Meade said we need a new pattern. Eco-entreprenuer Paul Hawkin said we need a new global movement. And author Dave Kroten, ‘When Corporations Rule the World’, said that we need a new story.

What EU citizens have in common is that they most value freedom. But freedom will mean little if we don’t solve the Climate Crisis. And France gave the U.S. it’s brand and symbol with its gift of the Statue of Liberty.

Al Gore has said what is required is a sense of urgency, and a new generation of Heroes. The world needs something akin to France’s 18th century Enlightenment, except the new enlightenment must be green.

Lacking a common language, media, or governmental voice, what can would elevate the EU to superpower status is to address Climate Change in a manner that makes heroes of us all. As Al Gore said, every one of us in the world needs to act as if the future of civilization depends on us.

Europe can frame it’s own spectacular rebirth by stepping out in front of the invisible global parade and do for the planet today what it accomplished in the 18th century by sparking revolutionary ideas to recreate France and thus Europe, and America in the new world.

Paris at the heart of the EU was named for Isis, Goddess of Rebirth, Magic and Light. The EU needs to capture and harness that myth with a single, dazzling voice to focus the world on what we can do immediately, with the energy and determination of a global Marshall Plan to halt Climate Change.

By that mythical act the EU would become the light at the top of the world, and would own the 21st century.