How Granite tiles and Granite stone are formed and used.

The way Granite is formed is something of a phenomenon and it is a completely natural stone formed within the Earth’s crust over millions of years.  Granite is compressed molten rock formed within the Earth and there are many materials combined together which is what gives granite stone its unique appearance. Many colours are involved in the process of granite stone including the minerals, quartz and feldspar. Granite rock has different colour variations including white, black and brown and the colours are a result of the different materials present.

Granite stone is popular and commonly used on kitchen countertops and in bathrooms where it provides a beautifully decorative surface that is strong, durable, heat resistant and scratch proof. As well as the great functionality that granite stone offers within the home, it is completely beautiful adding character and style to the home decor.

Granite tiles are also popular and are much the same as granite stone except they are lighter in order to make them suitable for wall tile installation. Granite wall tiles are again popular within the bathroom area and some home owners like the overall finish of granite wall tiles and floor tiles,

Granite material is obtained from quarries and is drilled and blasted out in large blocks in order to process them further and start cutting them into slabs or the desired size.  The granite slabs are then cut into thicknesses and polished until they are ready for transport into the shops.

Granite tiles are also suitable for countertop installation and are supplied in tile form instead of slabs; they are also thinner and will require the usual tiling techniques. The granite tile countertops will not have continuous flow like the granite stone slabs but many home owners prefer this particular design.

Granite stone can be harder to install simply because of the weight but granite tiles are relatively easy to install and an experienced installer would have no problems at all. If you have tiled before, installing granite tiles does not pose too many problems.

Granite tiles and granite stone will have different characteristics depending on where it is mined from, granite stone and granite tiles that are mined from the same quarry will probably all be similar but when granite is processed into tiles, it is natural for no two tiles to be the same. This is common with many natural stone tiles including slate tiles and marble tiles, they will differ from tile to tile and all have their own unique colour characteristics.

Installing granite tiles and granite stone can be straightforward providing you follow the guidelines for installing natural stone, many natural stone tiles will require sealing in order to protect them from any damage and this can be done before grouting, although different natural stone requires different treatments and it is always best to establish what is required before embarking on any tiling task.

Granite tiles are known for their beauty, strength and durability and they provide great design features to the home. Granite tiles will last the test of time and will not damage ensuring home owners have a great functioning tile that adds beauty and style to the home.




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