How Long Do You Honestly Believe it Will Be Before the US and China Go to War?

Currently, the United States is the only world superpower. However, it is believed that before 2050 China will also reach superpower status. Even if China cannot produce 10% year-over-year growth from now until then, if they can cruise along at 5 to 8% growth and until then, the nation should be able to meet that potential goal. China does not need to surpass the United States in GDP to become the next global superpower, as it has already passed all but the two other top nations.

Soon China will have a greater GDP than both Germany, and Japan. Then there will be a large gap and eventually China will surpass the United States in their gross domestic product. Right now, every time the United States makes an enemy in the world because another nation is unethical, violating human rights, or using underhanded methods to seize private enterprise, China goes in and makes a friend. They’ve done this in Africa, Central America and in the Middle East.

China will do anything, or go anywhere on the globe to get the raw materials, resources, and the oil it needs to continue to grow its economy. Right now, China’s growth has been due mostly because the United States middle class has been buying all of their products. They are also looking to European markets to sell them the same amount of their exported products.

The European Union and the United States of America have a similar GDP. If China can get into the EU and sell the same number of products they will be able to double their exported goods over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, there are many conflicts in the world, and we have some trade war issues going on as China violates World Trade Organization rules, one after another. They will also do business with illegitimate and corrupt regimes, unlike the United States.

Previously, the United States would take someone off their trading partner list if they were doing unethical things in the world. Now, the United States can’t do that as if they do, China will come in and trade with them. This means enforcement of WTO rules, human rights issues, and other problems in the world cannot be solved through free trade. It’s a huge humanitarian crisis.

We have a serious problem going on in the world, and that problem is China. It’s time that we address these issues, and realize if there is political impasse in the future as China grows stronger there will be wars over resources. It’s a very ugly and unfortunate challenge that lies ahead. I ask that you please consider this, and understand as the future approaches.

Not long ago, I mentioned this to Guang Wu, the author of a new book; “China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?” and he addresses all sorts of challenges for the future of China in his research.