How Long Should Webinar Be?

Webinar is a kind of live presentation, where you can broadcast your message, a video by showing your desktop, a web page or a PP presentaion so that your audiences can view this. But the thing is how long should your webinar be to express what you mean?


Back when you were in school, and you were told to write an essay, did you ever write just one short paragraph and turn that in as an “essay?” When you write articles for traffic, do you write just one paragraph and then call it an article Heck no!


I’m all for saying more in fewer words, but there is such a thing as being SO brief, that you really can’t say anything. And I see this happen even with webinars.


Much like you, I’ve been on several webinars — live training over the internet. And I’ve made it a point in almost all of my training courses (no matter what the subject) to incorporate webinars at some part of the training.


When I “make” people run a webinar, I set aside an hour to go there… since many of the webinars I’ve presented lasted 90 minutes to 2 hours.


But it shocks and saddens me when I’ve gone to some of these webinars… and they’re over in 15 minutes! On one in particular, the webinar host introduced a doctor who was an expert in a certain subject. The doctor read word-for-word out of a textbook and then they ended the webinar. All in fifteen minutes.


That’s not the point of a webinar… most of my pitches at the end last much longer than 15 minutes. Sometimes people arrive five or ten minutes late… sometimes even half an hour late, to a webinar.


My most profitable pitch webinar lasted over three and a half hours. I have also made almost as much money in a one hour webinar. It’s not always about the length of your presentation, but what you say in that presentation!


You don’t have to run a crazy long presentation, just make your webinars last at least an hour. Just have a PowerPoint with at least 25 slides. Share 7 tips or 7 mistakes. Take questions as you go along… and you’ll find it very easy to fill that hour. Especially with the 20-plus minute close at the end.