How Long to Go Before I’m Rid of These Infernal Hemorrhoids?

When you have hemorrhoids there are two questions on your mind, how can I treat them effectively and how long is this discomfort going to last. This article will show how an effective treatment plan  can ensure you are rid of those infernal hemorrhoids in no time at all.

Most people experience a mild form of hemorrhoids. This may be experienced as a pinching sensation when you pass a bowel movement. It could even be more painful or you could experience bleeding when you are on the toilet. If bleeding does occur then see your doctor to ensure that you are really dealing with piles and not something more serious.

In most cases mild hemorrhoids, although painful, can be healed fairly quickly using a combination of treatment plans. Hemorrhoids are generally aggravated by hard stools rubbing against the swollen tissue causing pain or breaking the tissue which releases blood. So by eating foodstuffs that ensure your feces is likely to be softer can have two benefits. It can reduce the chance of aggravating the piles and it can give the piles more chance to heal. Eating fiber and getting more fluid into the body is a way to soften your stool. You could also take a stool softener supplement.

A fiber diet can also ensure that you are regular and prevent constipation which compacts waste matter into a hard stool. To this extent you should never resist the need to purge your bowels as this can also compact the waster matter.

Applying hydrocortisone creams or witch hazel and other herbal extracts can help to heal any ruptured tissue and help the blood vessels around the piles to shrink.

By applying some from of healing agent topically or (depending on the type of product) taken orally, you can heal wounds and shrink piles. By making sure you eat the right foods you can minimize the chances of further aggravation.

So following this plan you can hope to be rid of mild hemorrhoids within a week. Of course everyone is different and the severity of the hemorrhoids will also influence how long it will take. For instance, severely thrombosed hemorrhoids will not go without some kind of procedure, like rubber band ligation or even a hemorrhoidectomy. These procedures will remove the source of the problem but it could take many weeks to completely heal.