How Meal Replacement Shakes Can Speed Up Your Weight Loss Safely

It is interesting to note some thirty years ago, ‘meal replacement’ was a term the scientific community gave to diets they rejected as fads. In the mid 70’s, liquid diets of all kinds were being used, some safe and some unsafe. However, 30 plus years down the track with much research, development and testing meal replacements have advanced a long way with the aide of the scientific community.

It is important to understand that meal replacement food technology is now used, not only for dieters but has also become a vital factor in hospitals for some patients. The reason these meals have advanced so positively now is ‘science’ of food technology.  Many more nutrients such as protein, good carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and micro nutrients can be added to a meal replacement. This enables the user to consume far more nutrition in one meal than they could possibly eat in normal foods. For example in one replacement shake known, one serving of a  replacement meal is equal in nutrients to approximately 1300 calories of normal food from the proper food chain. At the same time the  replacement serving is only 100 calories. It is then plain to see the popularity of a good quality meal replacement for losing weight without compromising health.

To give more credit to the benefit of  replacements meals and assurance of their benefit and safety to weight loss we need to look at their usage in a much more vital way. I mention they are used in hospitals for some patients. This is perhaps where science really began to see the benefit of advancing this technology and certainly it has been a tremendous advantage for certain patients. We now see many patients in hospitals for various reasons comatose for weeks and months. How were these patients to live with out food? The answer quite simply comes from intravenous fed replacement type nutrition. Hence, not only are the patients fed while comatose, but fed well.

The understanding of nutrition and what the body needs has come a long way. Muscle mass and the prevention of losing it is not only vital to dieters but also to bed ridden patients. This is where the necessity for protein in the human diet has been realized to be of great importance and as a result, it is greatly used in replacement shake products both for diet products and patients in hospitals. Realizing this, companies now put great resources into finding and including the best grade of protein in their products.

Another argument that comes up with meal replacement dieting is the cause to actually eat less natural food, therefore compromising the metabolism. It is important to note as this argument comes up, to remember the body is actually fed with important nutrients and perhaps more with these meals than normal food. Add to this, less energy used by the body to digest bulk food, there is actually a lot of energy preserved, therefore alleviating the tiredness a person feels when the body works over time in the digestion process. After a nutritious liquid shake replacement you do not feel this tiredness therefore people are more likely to feel energetic and likely to be more active. This preserved energy leads to an individual being more motivated to exercise and increase metabolism further.

Many individuals may ask, how do I know which meal replacement is the best as there are so many in the market place? The answer to this question is simple in the process of elimination. Choice Magazine did an article some months ago on these replacement products. It was interesting to note in this article that not all products can be labeled ‘meal replacement’.  In some countries there are health department labeling regulations. These laws have a requirement of a certain amount of nutritional ingredients to be included in a product in order for a company to call a product a ‘Meal Replacement’. This then makes it easy for us to recognize whether a product is in fact a healthy choice, giving us enough nutrients. Make sure you look on the cans and sachets of what may look like a meal replacement, that it is clearly labeled as such.

In conclusion meal replacements are not only for dieters. We now live in a world where nutritionally related diseases and deaths are over-taking smoking related health issues, hence we realize the importance of these meals may be to every body’s well being.  As our food, to meet population demand continues to be picked pre-ripened, our soil gets depleted of nutrients through over use. Our animals fed hormones for faster growth. More foods being genetically modified and processed we need to realize we are getting less and less nutrition in our food. We all remember what our fruits and vegetables tasted like some twenty years ago and how different they taste today. Why do you think this is? A good question to ask, could it be because of the above mentioned reasons? We all, may well be needing to supplement our daily diets right now, with off course, an excellent quality  replacement shake.

Superman vs Hulk – The Fight (Part 3)

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This is the third part of my animated Superman and Hulk fight. This project is something I work on from home as an independent project and is not affiliated with any company. It took about nineteen months to finish, starting in May 2012. Other than a few weeks I took off for traveling followed by a couple weeks of technical problems (computer died) I worked on this pretty much full time. About five months in to this I had a hard drive malfunction almost losing months of work, but luckily salvaged a lot of the work from crash files saved on my other hard drive.
Even without the delays, this project took way longer than the others and way longer than I ever thought it would. Partially due to the added complexity of higher detail models and environment interaction, as well as the longer running time, way more action to animate, way more scene interactivity, and 1080 HD resolution, which of course renders slower than the 720 HD I had been doing till now. The higher resolution also means mistakes and shoddy work are more visible, so more time is needed to pay attention to details and massage out the render glitches till it’s right.
Typically, I work out the models and rigs first, then get to animating a shot. For this project I spent the first few months on enhancements and changes to the character models, as well as the desert environment. Also switched renderers, from mental ray to V-Ray, so had to take time learning how to use that. Once models are at a state where the character proportions are set, I block out a the bulk of the action. It’s rough and changes drastically as work progresses. I don’t have storyboards ore even a clear choreography set out..but rough ideas evolve, things get added and get refined and improve. When animation on a shot is good enough, I do cloth sim on the characters (hulk pants and superman cape, which can take a while to a good simulation. On this project I also did a massive amount of frame by frame model corrections, to get the muscle and anatomy deforming somewhat realistically, which is a lot of work on bloated muscle bound character like the Hulk. Once it’s good I render that, which takes approximately one hour per frame, so about one day per second of animation usually. While it’s rendering I work on animating another shot, and try to have it ready for render when the previous shot is finished. I took more time into polishing the animation doing several passes or more till it was ‘good enough’. Reference footage is usually used when possible to. Then I bring into compositing and try to make it all look as good as I can. Looking at it now it’s both better than I had thought it would turn out a year and a half ago and worse than I would like it to be. Still trying to work out how to get better quality renders and environments, but that leaves me with lots to improve on for the next one. Plus I’m sick of working on it and wanted it to be done last year. Anyway this was a lot of work so please don’t copy and re-upload to your channel passing it off to be yours.

Project specs: Two computers, started with same I used for part 2, then the older one crapped out half way through, so got a new better one, an i7-393 3.2 ghz 64 GB RAM. Was needed anyway to render 1080 hd.. had a hard time rendering some shots even with it.

Made with Maya (3D animation), AfterEffects (compositing)

Thanks to Francois Gratecap for the great job on the audio mix.
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Already have ideas on how to improve for a Part 4, plan to use Terragen for more realistic environment creation for one. I have know idea when it might be done and will not even wager a guess, considering my totally wrong predictions on how long I thought this one would take.

*PLEASE DO NOT copy and re-upload to your channel.. it makes it harder for me to keep working on these by splitting my views, causing me to earn less (earnings which I depend on to continue work on future installments), and it’s just bad for my morale 🙁
If you are a fan of the video, instead of uploading a copy of the video to your channel, please share the link of my original video or add it to your playlist. Thanks!