How Not to Turn Her Off – 4 Ways to Make Her Like You Instead

Let’s try to face some of the harshest realities – there are a couple of ways to be totally embarrassed in front of a girl – and probably just a few to make her totally into you. Okay, I don’t want to ruin your day but let’s face the fact once and for all – most guys just can’t seem to grasp the total concept of what it takes to be completely attractive to women. Is it with good looks? A fat bank account? A nice ride? Let’s ditch all of the above and sum it up with one ultimate solution – attitude. That’s right, it’s all in the approach and thoughts, my friend. But what is the right attitude? Below are a few things you should learn as to how not to turn her off. Start with this one and let’s eventually progress, shall we?

Practice confidence. Without confidence, you’re literally, nothing. Just a piece of human form walking around and trying to stay alive. Now how pathetic is that? It’s a good thing that you are trying but you have to remember that having a lot of experiences (no matter how awful some of them were) will eventually help you into building a killer ass confidence in due time. So get yourself together and be up for anything. Take it whatever life throws at you.
Go easy. Nobody said everything starts easy. There will a certain level of difficulty in any beginning so you don’t have to be too rough on yourself and rush things up. Start with approaching girls every now and then, strike a conversation and get a little friendly. Some of the might not work out well but who cares. You never know when you’ll get pretty lucky.
Trash your pick up lines.I know. Pick up lines have been part of tradition – it’s the old school way of hitting women – however, they’re normally not very helpful. Actually, it spells doom. Women have gone tired hearing the exact same worn out pick up lines that were probably even used with their grandmothers. So skip that part. It pays to be original – engage her in a normal conversation instead.
Be normal. It’s true that we sometimes can’t help it but try to project a different kind of image so that women would be more interested in us – however, if you’re looking to attract her genuinely by being yourself, you’d save yourself from stress and pressure from the very beginning. The more you feel comfortable being yourself, the more you’ll be at ease – and the more you’ll start being lovable and charming to the ladies. Get real.

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