How One Fairs In A World Of Dental Phobia

This woman is a self proclaimed chicken. She shuddered in her chair when her ears got pierced. Thinking of two teeth getting removed really gave her the butterflies. The fear of flying, spiders and heights is among the ranks of the fear towards visiting a dentist.

It was shared by the American Dental Association that some 145 million people shun the valuable dental work because they’re just plain terrified. But today calming those fears by putting the patient out of his or her misery, so to speak is being done by dentistry.

This woman feels lucky as her dentist not only practices general dentistry, but completed a 2 year residency in anesthesia as well.

He is not an oral surgeon, but is the only dentist in the St Louis area licensed to use intravenous anesthesia to make a patient totally unconscious during a dental procedure in his office. Before a dentist can administer intravenous medication to a patient they have to secure a special permit.

These dental experts have to go through an advanced training in anesthesia along with mastering the ability to handle emergency situations and lastly it is mandatory to have emergency equipment within their offices.

Local anesthesia which entails a swab that deadens the gum before an injection to numb the area that requires work and blocks the nerve endings is the most common pain regulatory technique used in most clinics.

The lone downside is the uneasiness of a temporary fat lip feeling as you walk out of the clinic but then this is nothing.

Many people get to relax thanks to sedatives or anti anxiety agents. Oftentimes, patients become quite giddy and euphoric after he or she is required to inhale nitrous oxide, which is sometimes called laughing gas.

Patients after taking tranquilizers are into a state of conscious sedation, where they are not in a deep sleep and are fully awake but then they feel rather drowsy and relaxed.

There is one local dentist who shares that conscious sedation is very safe, as long as the patient is awake and verbally reactive especially when you ask him, how you doing, Joe, and he can still answer back clearly.

Nitrous oxide can cause some patients to become nauseous if the use is prolonged but such is not the case with an oral tranquilizer.

Alternatively, patients requesting conscious sedation are compelled to turn up at the dentist’s office with a companion, who will also be accompanying them home and seeing to their safety.

The tranquilizer for the mouth demands a bit of time to work its magic, versus the almost instantaneous impact of an injection done.

Inside the waiting room, the pill is given to the anxious patient and after the drug takes effect which is about a half hour, he is then ushered to the dental chair for the dental treatment.

Dental treatments are now achieved rapidly and with greater quality today with dentistry becoming high tech and boasting of so many gadgets and methods too. We now see sedation dentistry, bridging the gap between technology and comfort well.

As soon as you learn that your insurance does not cover the methods of pain free dental treatment you availed, you will feel pain which is unlike how you were in the dental chair where you did not feel any pain at all.

Normally, dental plans won’t cover for nitrous oxide which is also called conscious sedation. Patients are the ones who will shoulder these options.

Oftentimes, unconscious sedation or general anesthesia, when it is medically necessary in order to treat a patient is covered by a lot of the plans.

There is also this other patient that divulged she was truly one big phobic. She required nitrous oxide, and she gladly paid for it.

The course of deep sedation otherwise known as general anesthesia is best for special patients like young kids who cannot hold immobile, people with severe phobias or low pain thresholds, as well as some patients with severe gag reflexes and even who don’t get numb with local anesthesia alone. BOLA TANGKAS
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