How Our Appetites Are Affected By The Principle Of Gastronomie

How does the principle of gastronomie affect a person’s appetite as far as wanting to eat food in general?

Well, consider that one of the definitions of the word “gastronomie” is ‘the science of eating well’. So, in relation to this, it stands to reason that our appetites may become stimulated by food that is not only fresh, but is attractively prepared, as well. Therefore, it would also be logical that a person wouldn’t be compelled to eat food that is the exact opposite in form either.

For instance, just because a person normally likes tuna and knows that eating it is good for his health – this doesn’t mean that he will necessarily have a desire to eat it simply by opening a can of it, and seeing it staring back at him, in its “raw” state.

However – dress that portion of fish “up a bit” and you may have an entirely different story altogether. By taking the tuna and mixing it up with some dill mayonnaise, green onions and pepper – then serving it on a bed of fresh spinach leaves between two slices of toasted bread – that same person may suddenly get a craving to eat tuna when he sees the sandwich!

You can witness another example of how gastronomie affects our appetites, by observing the way the “color schemes” are laid out in fast food restaurants to entice people to buy their products.

Many of these food chains decorate their dining rooms and food counters in shades of orange, reds, browns and yellows – and use them in their product advertisements, as well. The use of these colors in creating a “craving” has been studied and used by marketers for years, and it’s true – they have been proven to make many people “suddenly hungry” when they see them.

So this explains how a person who wasn’t thinking about eating can become suddenly ravenous upon passing a billboard for a fast food burrito. Seeing it may then cause him to make a detour into the parking lot, and run into the fast food restaurant to buy one – all because his vision was assaulted by one or two of those “appetite-stimulating” colors in the ad.

So, by these examples, you now know a few ways that gastronomie affects our appetites. This can go a long way in helping you to better prepare those meals that you wish your children, and yourself, to eat – as well as give you a few new ideas on how to naturally avoid those foods that you wish to stay away from. BOLA TANGKAS