How Resilient Are You?

Confidence and self belief are critical for success in business. Unless you truly believe in yourself and your products and services no-one else will. You need this level of resilience to keep moving forward, taking the next step and the next step to grow your business, even when you face obstacles and challenges along the way.

But I know this is not easy sometimes. People, circumstances and events can quickly throw you off balance leaving you, perhaps unintentionally, feeling rejected, not good enough and on the path to failure. And, unfortunately, the current media can add to the doom and gloom with news of mounting debts and failing economies.

If you have ever experienced times like this then it’s really important to have at hand what I call your ’emergency restoration kit’, so that you quickly get back to high levels of positive energy and into the flow of abundance.

Surround yourself with more positivity than you think you need – which includes the people you work with and the environment you work in. Reading uplifting articles or biographies of how others succeeded despite the odds and spending time with friends or colleagues who have a positive can-do attitude and approach could be just the inspiring boost you need. I am not suggesting you take the ‘Pollyanna’ approach to life all the time, as sometimes it is important to face up to difficult situations, but it is key to focus on and reinforce the positive aspects. Otherwise your own negative internal dialogue will talk you out of taking action and keep you small and safe.

Overcome the fear factor in your business by being aware, when you are unsure or stopped, of your thoughts and beliefs. Then immediately reframe any negative, fearful thought into a powerful and positive one. For example instead of saying ‘I am unable to…’ turn it into ‘I am entitled to try…’ or ‘I deserve to have…’

Know and manage your energy levels. Being in business, particularly for solo entrepreneurs, requires high levels of energy. There are many more demands on our time and feeling tired and exhausted can leave you vulnerable when things don’t work out. By leveraging work more effectively, delegating more and booking regular time out to refresh and renew you will sustain your enthusiasm and resilience.

Ultimately, if you are a solo entrepreneur you are your business and its most important asset. As such you deserve the best fuel in terms of thoughts and beliefs, and regular maintenance to refresh and renew. When you do this you will be there for the long haul, with the energy, determination and passion to overcome any setbacks and obstacles along the way.