How the Best Kitchen Water Filter Will Protect You From Drinking Unknown Pharmaceutical Drugs

An investment in the best kitchen water filter that money can buy is a sound investment in the future health of your family. You may not realize it, but the contaminants present in our reservoir systems have a tremendous impact on the health of everyone in the United States, and worldwide. What we have done to our water supply is a serious matter, and one day it will come back to affect you.

None of us are safe from the tens of thousands of industrial chemicals and pharmaceuticals currently present in our water supply. We tend to think that because we live in one of the most highly technological nations in the world, that we are somehow immune from the effects of pollutants in our water supply. Our superior technology, however, does not trickle down to the facilities that treat our water.

The reason that you need to seek out the best kitchen water filter you can possibly find is that your municipal water treatment facility does not have the ability to remove even a single chemical agent from your drinking water! The equipment they use is typically only capable of sand bed filtration, and is really not much different than a huge swimming pool filter. These facilities haven’t changed much at all over the last 100 years.

Originally, the sole purpose of water filtration was to remove particulates from the water, and to disinfect to cut down on the occurrence of waterborne diseases. This is basically the same level of service that you are getting now. The porous membrane filters that “clean” your water cannot remove substances of equal or lesser molecular weight than water, so every chemical agent present slips right through.

To emphasize how much of an impact the contaminants in our drinking water have, you should think about the fact that while many illnesses in the past could not be linked to any known cause, most are now proven to be associated with the toxins present in our drinking water.

The best kitchen water filter can remove 99% of these toxins, and will keep you and your family members from developing the illnesses linked to toxins in the water.

Don’t fool yourself into believing that following the current trend of drinking bottled water is going to protect you. Nearly none of the bottled water that is available comes from a “fresh mountain stream” as many believe. The vast majority of the bottled water you drink comes straight from a tap, and it is only filtered to improve taste and odor.

The very best kitchen water filter features a multi media block and granular activated carbon filter for ensuring that your water is free of chemical contaminants. Then a submicron filter traps the carcinogenic cysts resistant to the chlorine disinfection process, while an ion exchange removes traces of toxic metals from your water. This is the measure of protection required to keep you and your family healthy.

With the current threat to your family’s health well documented, why wouldn’t you want the best kitchen water filter in your home?

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