How The Hockey Players Pass Up Their Checks?

In order to win the exciting and drastic hockey games, hockey players need to pay more attention to some basic details such as how to pass up their checks. Meanwhile, they need to struggle to fill their checks because they are focusing on the appropriate target. Once the player knows where to focus and do, it will become a master in the verification of other players. Every time their target and hit the center of gravity it will throw the player off his game and will make him lose his balance.
The most common way for players to control their opponent is trying to line up another player, so that they can check on the shoulder. Another thing no control (it is wrong) tries to control the drive on the shoulder. The players usually wear Ed Reed jerseys in the training. Let me explain why these items above are wrong and how to eliminate this practice, if you can master control process the right way. If you check the other player on the shoulder, he has a better chance to move his upper body from side to side to avoid being controlled. When this happens, the player missed his check because sometimes the other player did not move the upper body and shoulders in such a situation he cannot evade controls.
The reason why hockey players need to pay more attention when pass up their checks is because that it can ensure you attack and control the hips (center of gravity), because every time the subject and press the center of gravity to throw it away from his game and he loses his balance. We have seen this happen so that the player has chosen to lose her balance and falls to the ice. Players often wear in the training. Make sure that you check the opposing player at the hip level with either your shoulders or your lower forearm.
Why would you want to do the above, because when the target player’s party at the hip, cannot move your hips (or gravity) in any direction in the fast movements. If you have shoulder level, can move his shoulders and torso, and to avoid a rapid review. But if the purpose of his hips (center of gravity), then the player cannot move very fast, because the focus is always very slow it is moving. Therefore, hockey players need to pay more attention when they pass up their checks.