How to apply eye makeup


Your eyes can be the most alluring part of your face. They are the window to your soul after all, so it is important then to make the most of this asset with flattering eye make up. There is the old saying that goes ‘less is more’. This saying is very true and if you over do your eye make up it can have a detrimental effect on your overall look. The first thing to consider with your makeup in general, is to have only one major focus. For example if you are doing dramatic smoky eyes then it is a good idea to tone down the make up on other parts of your face e.g. blush and lipstick. If you have black smoky eyes, bright red lipstick and red cheeks you may look like you should be working on a street corner! It is also important to consider what colours suit your skin tone and eye colour. For example if you have a darker colouring and dark eyes you may suit browns, greys and greens and if you have a lighter skin tone and eyes you may suit pinks and pastel colours. Another consideration besides skin colouring will be age, as not all colours will suit all ages.

Once you have worked out what colours suit you, it is then time to decide what type of eye shadow to use. There are many types of eye shadows available such as creams, powders and shimmers. The creams can tend to crease up and come off easily, the powders can appear a bit dull and the shimmers can end up all over your face. I prefer to use a combination of a powder and shimmer. It is a good idea to use more than one colour to give your eyes depth. My favourite combination is to use three powder colours and one shimmer. For example I would apply a black powder in a thin line around the eye and then put some in the outer corners of the eye in a triangular shape. Then I would work my way in with lighter colours. The next triangular section could be a dark brown and then the final section could be a gold shadow. I would then blend the sections with a clean, dry brush so that you cannot see the lines and each section melts into the next. I would then finish off with a shimmery dust that will set off the eyes and further mix the colours. Then I would finish the look off with eye liner, Curled lashes and mascara.

There are so many different combinations and the trick is to start off subtle at first and then once you have built your confidence and skills with applying make up you can go more dramatic!