How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date – Techniques to Make Her Eager to Go Out With You!

Asking a girl out can prove to be quite scary and a bit uncomfortable — especially for all the first-timers. It can be nerve-wrecking, sure, but it’s expected — it’s a part of our process towards manhood. Now, before you start freaking out and getting all jumpy just thinking about asking a girl out on a date, take a deep breath and start counting from one to 10 — going out on a date will not kill you. And knowing how to ask a girl out on a date the right way, will save your butt in a million ways. Still a little skeptic? Try these tips:

Rehearse a little bit.Try to play a little scenario inside your head — nothing bad, please. No need to think too much about your lines — you must embrace spontaneity as much as you can. However, try to envision the good results in your head. It can make you less nervous and be more positive about asking her out. And it can also lessen your approach anxiety. Be a little optimistic! It never hurt anyone.
Don’t be too surprising. Surprises are good. It’s fun. However, don’t be too surprising to the point of freaking her out. Like, “stalking” her all the way to her house and then suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Stick to the basics — you can leave her a note, give her a phone call or do it the old school (and probably the best) way — do it face to face. Keep it brief and as normal as you can too — getting real has its perks.
Do it casually. But don’t overdo it or else she’ll think you’re a big jerk. Keep it simple and normal. It’s alright to be a little nervous and all but curb it as much as you can. Make it sound like you just want to hangout — and that it’s totally cool and harmless. Going at it too smoothly can also make her a little cautious so your best bet is to be more like yourself: no frills, no nothing — just be you. She’ll be less threatened and more intrigue to go out with you.
Stay cool. Whatever the results are, keep your wits with you and don’t ever lose your wits. If she says yes, that’s great. Grin and tell her you’ll see her around. If she says no, you can insist a little bit and then shrug it off and move on with your life. No need to get all dramatic on it, all right? Just stay calm and collected — you’ll need it. She might change her mind soon.

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