How To Avoid Face Lift Disasters

Face lifts might seem like a scary surgery. After all, who wants to end up looking permanently surprised or like they’re walking in a wind tunnel? A good procedure performed by a qualified and experienced surgeon looks drastically different from the horror stories that are splashed in the media and on the internet. It isn’t the norm for this process to end in an unnaturally taut and pained appearance. There are many more people who have found great success and satisfaction with their results than there are unhappy customers, but that doesn’t sell newspapers or grab people’s attention nearly as much as the rare cases.

So how do you avoid being a victim of a bad process? The first path to protection if you’re considering this cosmetic procedure is to research and educate yourself. The more you know about it, the better decisions you will be able to make. Learn about the actual surgery and what will happen while you are under anesthesia. There are even videos available on the internet. Although not for the squeamish, these can be a revealing look at what goes on during the surgery and can help you determine whether or not you’re comfortable with that level of surgical invasion.

Once you’ve conducted some research on your own, you’ll want to consult with a few board-certified plastic surgeons. It is recommended to consult with at least two to three surgeons, but more is not uncommon. Many offer complimentary visits or will subtract a small fee from your surgery if you end up choosing their services. During your consultations, they normally ask you some preliminary questions about your medical history and expectations. They will then explain the method to you, assess whether or not you are a good candidate, and show you some before and after photos. You’ll also want to carefully go over risks and complications and ask the surgeon some questions about their experience. Remember that if you are a good candidate for this method, you will be interviewing the practitioners. You’ll want to find the one that inspires both confidence and comfort.

Another important aspect of choosing the right one for this is the before and after portfolio. This can reveal the practitioner’s skill and preferences. Some lean towards more drastic or obvious results while others are subtle. Neither method is necessarily better than the other. Aesthetics will vary by patient and surgeon, so it is best to find one that is a close match. Pay close attention to patients that have similar faces to yours. Make sure that the before and after pictures are recent and there is a good deal of variety among them. You can also request more pictures if you find what is available is not sufficient enough. Remember that initially surgeons will most likely show you a small representation of their best work.

If you make a well-educated and informed decision, you can rest assured that your face lift will not be a disaster. BOLA TANGKAS