How To Avoid ?Things Going Wrong’ At Holidays

This year, thousands of commuters, all around Europe have spent their holiday stranded at frozen European airports. The dilemma of the situation is, that year round we await the holiday season, and when it approaches, taking a couple more of leaves along with Government gazette holidays, and dreaming about sun, palm and beach is all we do. But what if things go wrong when there is no way you can afford a misfortune …

This year, we have seen snow covered airports, trapped travelers and a holiday that is no less than a nightmare. But here are a few things that can happen at last minute and ruin your perfect holiday plans. But to avoid them, you have to expect them.

1. The first holiday nightmare is the one that has scared travelers as well as airline ‘out of their wits’. “SNOW DISRUPTIONS” it is the worst enemy of joyous holiday makers planning to fly to South Africa and laze under the Cape Town sunny beaches. To be honest, there is not much you can do about it when it happens but if you can only make a timely flight reservation, keep an eye on weather forecast before booking your flights or leave in the first week of December …there are better chances of surviving Snow disruption in Europe.

2. The second deadly disaster, actually the worst that can happen and leaves you most disappointed is Airline Bankruptcy. When the airline goes grounded, their offices shut down and of course when there is no one, who could you complain to or demand your money back from? It a terribly freighting situation and very recently the Ghana International crises (Refunds still not paid for flights to Accra) is an example. So, be prepared when booking with low cost unreliable airlines. Actually, it can happen any time with any one and according to some analytics,

“Aviation industry has only lost as much money as it has made since first Lever brother plane”

So, “Airline Insurance” is a must. Book flights and buy airline insurance or an insurance that covers for your flight tickets. Also booking flights with Credit card may add 3% charge on it but its safer when claiming money back in case of unpleasant situations. All you have to do is to fill up a form at Credit Card company and they ll follow it up for you.

3. The third one is “Last Minute Reservation” for there are times when you try to book a night before your departure date and guess what, instead of a cheap last minute ticket what you got is “all sold out”. So, at least make a reservation a week or two before flying. Especially in peak season.