How To Be Happy: 5 Simple Ways

Do you ever wonder how to become always happy? Do you know what it can take to be happy? If you are one of the people who is always asking these questions, and you often find yourself wanting to look for answers too, then this might be the perfect article for you at this point of your search.

Have you ever stopped and wonder that in the journey we are having, this thing called life, it may actually take only simple things for us to be happy? Or at least to put a smile in our face and make it stay there? Yes, this might be possible indeed. It would certainly be interesting to note that in all of our searching for the answers, we will be able to come face to face with some simple and basic truths about life and staying happy.

Listed below are some of the simple ways to be happy right at this very minute, and to hopefully stay this way. They may not be what you are expecting them to be but, may these somehow help you anyway.


For a change, why don’t you try to do something good for others? This could be something that will really make you happy deep inside and right away, too. It does not have to be financially overwhelming but may be as simple as giving a heartfelt compliment to someone whom you think needs it, or to talk to someone who is eating alone in one corner while you are taking your lunch, or even trying to help someone carry a rather heavy load. These little acts of kindness, small as they are, can actually make a big change in someone’s life.
This may sound a bit funny, but here goes—why don’t you try changing your posture? Yes, from the way you stand, try making it straighter than usual, from the way you sit down, make it a little snappier. Moreover, most of all, why don’t you try pasting a big old unusual goofy or mickey smile on your face. By doing these things, you are actually, and literally, melting the tension in your chest; and then it will be substituted by a feeling of well-being, and will give you confidence and the self-belief that you will get through anything today!
Why don’t you read a good book, or an article that will tell you that life is still beautiful and all the positive things that it offers? A Bible can be the best one, if you are religious. You will know that there are verses there that will tell you that in whatever you will do; God is always there for you. And you will also find peace and solace in the thoughts that God will just always be there whenever things don’t go the way you expected them. Or if this is too heavy for you, grab yourself a book or even a saying that will give you peace both in your mind and in your heart. I personally believe, and go by this belief: “Times may be bad, but God is always good.” It works for me, it may also do for you.
Before going to sleep at night, say a little prayer and don’t forget to tell someone that you love them.  To say a little prayer of thanks at night can be uplifting too. It will merit if you give thanks to the One above for all the things that went through the day. And complete this by telling all the people you love that you love them! And if there is someone you haven’t had the chance to talk with, why don’t you give him a call right away? “I Love You” should never be kept in your heart, or else it will lose its meaning and reason. It will definitely give the person a warm feeling and you will also make them happy.
And finally, keep in mind that it is good to make happiness your first consideration. Do not make happiness your consolation for attaining or doing something. Never say you will only be happy if you will get the promotion or win the lottery or when you meet your soul mate, and so. Why would you do this? It sounds as if happiness is just a consolation for you when in fact it should be the first prize, right? And in all the options given to you everyday of your life, it would not hurt you if you put happiness first, and choose it from all the negative things around you. It will always be your choice.

As a final word, please remember that we are never powerless. Each one of us has the ability and the power to choose what we want in our lives. We can always master and muster our emotions, and if we choose happiness, why would we choose otherwise?