How to be successful in Tradeshows

Were customers to be welcomed with a warm smile and gestures, it would have been a different world altogether. It seems to be an imaginary world or a fairy tale for children wherein everything comes easy and own its own. But the cut-throat competition calls for intensive marketing techniques that certainly require you to wake up from your imaginary world. Here nobody comes to you, if you don’t show that you have great offers for them. With having a large pool of sellers, the customer has becomes very smart and wise not to waste a millisecond at any unattractive store. Then why would someone buy your conventional ideas at a trade show.

To make your stall or point of sale at trade shows and exhibitions is a big challenge as there are moving customers. Everyone has ample choice to hop from one stall to the other and even neglecting some stalls become easy in such an open market. One has to really put in hard efforts to attract others and make them enter your stall. Obviously one can not call out for customers explaining about your products and deals? So it has to be visual rather than verbal communication. However, verbal skills come into the picture once a customer is in the stall.

Employing the right advertising techniques certainly ensures high number of customers flocking in your point of sale. To reiterate there are moving customers and they would look all around and locate the most welcoming stall. It is for sure that they would choose to go into that ‘best-looking’ stall. If nothing else, just for giving a glance at the products would be on their mind. This is how one tends to be the ‘potential customer’. Were it your stall, this ‘potential customer’ would have been yours. Therefore looking distinct among others is essential for your success in trade events. There is no gainsaying that even a cursory look of a customer can make your day. Once the customer is in the stall, it is your selling skills that are on work. So, the foremost task is to look distinct of all.

The right accessories to meet people’s expectations are- banners, spot-lights, light boxes, counters, and brochure-holders. Pop up Displays – reading ‘hot deals’ or ‘sale’ or ‘discount’ in big, bold font can help. In addition to that some relevant information printed on the banners with eye-catching visuals is very inviting. But one can really tempt a lot of customers by offering genuine deals.

One can use huge eye-catching pop-up banners to grab attention of people. These days there are a number of designs on the market. These are not conventional ones, so one doesn’t need to be worried about carrying these huge banners to the venue. These modern display boards are very compact and easily portable. Not only this, but they can be fixed within 2 minutes. Moreover, some banners come with header lights on them. So you can glitter and be at your best.

The World’s Longest Waterslide! By Live More Awesome

600m (2000ft) long! 92m (300ft) vertical drop! Over a minute worth of sliding fun!
This event was on the 27th and 28th of March 2015 at Jonkers Farm, by Bethels Beach, in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you want to see the full uninterrupted ride check out Jason’s video:

This massive, completely inflatable slide was built by Live More Awesome, a mental health non-profit charity in New Zealand.

This waterslide got people outside in the sun, Vitamin D is great for mental health, it got people fit running up that hill (some people did it 21 times in one day!), it got people interacting with a wonderful, supportive and helpful community, it gave people a goal and something to look forward to and it gave us and you an opportunity to talk about mental health in the general media and community and that’s hugely important to removing the stigma wrongly associated with mental health.

We own this… where should we go next?!?!

Email [email protected] with any charity or slide enquiries.

Video made by the wonderful people at Augusto.

The Protectors – The Queen Future