How to Be the Best Boyfriend – Resisting Temptation

Everybody has gone through the same thing you know. Temptation is an evil thing and we don’t need to stress on that more. It can be good, in one way or the other but usually, it’s the after effects that leave us all dumbfounded and stressed. It’s fun but is not something you take for granted. Temptation spells trouble so do yourself a favor and curve that resistance a little more solid and strong. Below are some effective tips on how to resist temptation.

Come on, is it really that worth it? You better not think once, twice or three times. At times like these, you need to think it over and over. Make it stop now!

Don’t give in. Period. Succumbing to your weakness is a sign of being pathetic. Sure sometimes, the best way to get away with temptation is to give in to it. But this is not the case all the time. Self-control is strength so start practicing it more often.
 Cause and effect. If you think you can handle the consequences that will go with your desire to give in to temptation, then by all means, suit yourself. More often than not though, the results may be too overwhelming for you to handle. Remember, prevention is still better than cure. Stray your attention or focus on something else. A cold shower helps, too.
Reward yourself. Make a mental note of a “reward” you will grant your good old self for straying away from temptation. Think of something like “if I ever I get through this, I will make my girlfriend happy. I should definitely spend tomorrow night with her.” Mind control is required in this one, and of course, your intense power to stop the urge. Be calm and cool.

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