How to Boost PC Performance and Internet Speed

Computers are great when they are running fast, but as soon as they start to run slower, they become annoying and frustrating. This is a huge problem which affects millions of machines world wide, but luckily, there’s a simple cure which even a computer novice can use to boost PC performance & Internet speed.

To speed up a computer, you simply need to tackle the reason why it’s running slow. And in almost all occasions, that reason is to do with a hidden part of Windows called the registry. This is the main database for your computer which stores all the settings and options for your computer. It’s very important but it’s the root cause of why your computer &¬†Internet runs slow.

The problem is that since Windows relies on registry files to tell it what to do, it’s constantly got 100’s of them open. Windows is actually a very dumb system, only knowing how to follow commands and instructions… which means that whenever you want to do anything on your PC, it needs to seek advice from the registry about how to do it. This is okay, except Windows is constantly making many of the registry’s most important files corrupt and damaged, making them incredibly hard to read. Since Windows gets confused about which files it has open, it’s always saving them in the wrong way, making them hard to read.

This means that when your computer needs to read up on how to do something, such as load a web page or check your email, it’s actually trying very hard to decipher many corrupt registry files, which it needs to work. This means that your PC ends up basically making a “queue” of files it needs to process, which makes it slow down until it can process the files it needs. And with most computers having 1,000’s of these damaged registry files, it’s no wonder that this is the biggest reason why your PC & Internet run slow.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix this problem and boost your PC performance and Internet speed. You can get a program from the Internet called a “registry cleaner” which has been designed to specifically clean out all the bad files from the registry. Depending on which registry tool you use, you could boost your PC’s performance back to when it was brand new with one of these programs. Basically, a registry cleaner is a software tool which sits on your computer and scans all the registry files inside your PC. If it finds a corrupted file, it fixes it for you, leaving the registry database as clean as it was when it was a new system. However, the amount your PC is boosted depends entirely on which registry cleaner you use.