How To Build A Massive Mlm Downline That Will Not Go Away

You can not believe that it is possible can you? You have tried to build a MLM massive downline but everything you have tried has not worked. You swear that you have done everything that the person who brought you into this adventure has told you to do.

I think we all know what were talking about. How many business cards did you hand out? How many leads did you buy? How many family members did you talk to?(that’s the hard one to swallow, we were sure they would join). How many close friends did you present your MLM business to? We can go on and on and on, bottom line maybe 2 or 3 joined what a big letdown.

I struggled when I started to, just like you are doing. It is crazy to think that all these strangers are just going to hand over their phone numbers to us and want to join our downline. It just does not work that way in today’s marketing strategies. To build a massive MLM downline takes a new approach.

You need to look for a way to have a potential prospect, this perfect stranger, come to us. What is the best way, should you go after them or have them come to you? We all know the answer to that. How much easier it is not to have to pickup the phone and try to sell yourself and the business you are in to someone who doesn’t know you.You are trying to build a MLM downline that is going to stay with you.

You might had different reasons for joining a MLM opportunity. You might have just wanted a little extra cash, didn’t want the spouse to work, maybe you just wanted to quit your own job. For what ever the reason you are doing it now, it can be profitable if done the right way.

Most people you are prospecting to join your MLM business don’t really care about the product or don’t care about how strong the company is. You know you probably felt the same way when you joined, remember you had specific reasons why you wanted to do this.

The point is you need to have a goal, and your prospects need to have a goal. This is your responsibility to help your downline be successful. If they are successful, you are successful. So ask yourself how can I achieve this goal?

You need to build a relationship with these prospects. They need to trust that you are a team and you will put a program together that will help them succeed in their MLM business. Quit trying to sell them on the company your in, and sell them on the team concept. The way to get MLM prospects in your downline has changed and we need to go with this change or we will still be meeting people at Starbucks BOLA TANGKAS