How to Build Big Shoulders Without Going to the Gym

The average skinny guy or hardgainer will often ask “how to build big shoulders“, since massive shoulders can really fill out your physique, give your body the classic V-shape, and finally let you wear those tight-fitting “muscle tops” without your pointy bony shoulders poking through.

While weight training is the most complete way of how to build big shoulders, there are some great exercises that you can do at home or anywhere that you have a little space.


This classic upper body exercise is still probably the greatest there is and can be done pretty much anywhere…all you’ll need is a floor! 🙂

The humble push-up will help you to build big shoulders, and big pecs and triceps.

However, most folks approach the push-up completely wrong, don’t see results and then give up. The real power of the push-up is in small incremental increases over time. Like this you’ll be able to see massive improvements, muscle gains, and find yourself knocking down incredible numbers of push-ups every day.

Start with a number that you find almost impossible to finish. It could be 10 or it could be 100, the number is really irrelevant, just as long as you are pushing yourself to failure.

Then increase the number incrementally every week or so. If you started on 10, then increase it to 15. Let another week go by, then increase it to 20, and so on and so forth.

After 12 months you will be doing over 260 push ups per day – and believe me, you’ll have big shoulders.

Use incline push ups (with your feet raised on a bench or something) to build the front of your shoulders and your upper chest.


Get yourself a chin up bar and put it up in a doorway at your house. The bar will only cost you a few bucks, but is sure to help you in your quest of how to build big wide shoulders, and dramatically increase the width of your back like crazy.

Start by performing wide-grip overhand chin ups, pulling your chest towards the bar – do as many as you can. Again use the same approach as above for push ups, by starting small and building over time.

The key with chin ups is to do full reps without cheating…it is the full range of motion that will be the most beneficial to build big shoulders and lats (the wing shaped muscles on your back).

As a variation, instead of pulling your chest to the bar, perform behind-the-neck chin ups where you touch the back of your neck to the bar.