How to Build Wind Mills For Production of Home Electricity?

Do you want to learn how to build wind mills for production of home electricity? If you can follow video tutorial instructions and understand illustrated blueprints, then you will definitely want to consider building your own renewable energy windmills at home. It is a great alternative and has helped me lower my electricity bills dramatically by more than 70%. I used to think that it is very difficult and expensive to build until I finally decided to try it out myself.

1. What Are the Components You Need to Build Wind Mills for Production of Home Electricity?

Before you can start assembling the system, you need to first ensure that you have the basic components. The online manual that I downloaded and used was really helpful in allowing to find all the materials cheaply and affordably. They include the rotor blades, base, tower and motor. For the rotor blades, you can either choose to buy ready made ones or make them yourselves for lower costs out of wood or plastic. The base should be made out of sandbags or concrete and needs to be kept strong. For the tower, it is typically made out of PVC piping. The motor can be used from those found in washing machines, treadmills and sewing machines.

2. My Experience with Building Wind Mills for Production of Home Electricity

Running your home effectively with an efficient windmill is very simple and does not require purchasing any special expensive composite materials. I have seen retail wind turbine systems that are made with less than $ 200 selling for more than $ 3,000, and this is why I recommend building one DIY rather than purchasing a retail version.

3. How Much Construction Experience Do You Need to Have Before You Can Build Wind Mills for Production of Home Electricity?

With a high quality, step by step training manual, anyone is able to complete the project within 2 to 3 days. This is proven by the many testimonials from home owners who have succeeded with very little prior experience.