How to Buy Useful DS Accessories?

Have you recently received a Nintendo DS gaming console as a gift? Here’s good news for you – Popular video game “Plants vs. Zombies” will be available on the Nintendo DS in January 2011, according to game maker PopCap Games. So, are you planning to get some cool accessories to use with it? If you are, you would be amazed to find that there are loads of accessories that you can use with your gaming console. But, if you go for buying Nintendo accessorieswithout having a clear idea about what you must buy and what you should avoid buying, you would get utterly confused. Read on for some ideas regarding what are the hottest must-have accessories in the market.


Essential DS accessories


A gaming console case of appropriate size is a must-have accessory for your Nintendo DS. This will keep it dust-free and will protect it from shocks and mishandlings. A cool looking case will keep your Nintendo DS look new for a long time.   For carrying the Nintendo DS in your pocket or handbag, you must attach a retractable stylus and a mount-in to your key chain or belt. This will help you to carry your Nintendo DS wherever you go.   Buy a screen protector to protect the screen from scratches and stains. This would allow you to have clear screen for years down the line.   A USB power cable is one of the must-have DS accessories. This cable allows you to charge the remotes of your gaming console by syncing it with the USB port of your computer. You might also buy a charger that would allow you to charge the batteries inside a vehicle.   You must buy a spare replacement battery from an authorized dealer. Although this is not a must-have accessory, it will be beneficial in the long run, if the battery suddenly wears out.  

While the above mentioned DS accessoriesare must-haves for efficient functioning of your gaming console, there are a few other items that are popular too. So, check out what accessories your friends are carrying and get an idea of the latest trends, buy accordingly. Keep track of the newest additions to the lists of DS add-ons so that when you are at a store, you know what to buy and at what price.

The best place to buy DS accessories is a reliable online store. Ask your friends about the stores they buy their items from. Better still; read online customers reviews to know which accessories you must buy for your favorite gadget.

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