How to Change Directions So You’re Going the Right Way

Because I just moved, I have this great opportunity to rethink everything I do or have created. Life is sort of one big question mark as I carefully examine everything I choose to do. The operative word is “choose”. I don’t want to do things from habit, nor do it unconsciously, or do it in reaction to something. I’m trying to consciously choose what I attract to me. And I actually know how.

How you see things makes your world

Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith is a remarkable metaphysical minister with a huge church in LA. He is also a spiritual mentor to Oprah Winfrey. My good friend, Judy, forwarded this quote to me:

“You don’t describe the world you see, you see the world you describe” – Michael Beckwith

And we both set about to describe the world we want.

Do you want numbers or flow?

I started by asking her how many clients she wanted for the web pages she designs She had a figure in mind that she wanted to earn so she was not attached to what form it came in.

I started to name specific numbers of clients and then followed her lead and decided I was open to having the income come from assorted sources: teaching, or writing curriculum, or coaching web strategy and content or wonderful coaching clients. I left the door open to abundance in whatever form it choose to take.

Are you expecting enough?

Judy and I are both a bit of the “just enough” mentality. But “just enough” means different things to different people. My son Chris earns big bucks so his expectations are and always have been for a level of abundance that might seem over-flowing to others. But why should we describe the world we want to see as merely squeaking by? Why can’t it be full of security, and financial freedom and an amount that lets us freely give to others. We can have that if we change how we think of it. Are you expecting enough?

Do you think you can do it?

This is huge. Do you think you can do the job, attract the clients, sell out the workshop? Or not? Now, here’s the clincher. We have to believe we can and then we can! It’s that simple. Desire it to happen. Believe it can happen. Expect it to happen. And it will. Start acting as if it has happened.

Judy told a story of her daughter who called in excitement because they had just closed on a house that they were not certain they would get. Judy had told her to start packing boxes as if they were going to move. She did and she soon will!

This same daughter wants a job as a banker at the bank she is working at. When Judy asked her what she had done to help make it happen, the reply was, “Bankers have to wear jackets. I ordered one and it came today.”

You know what’s going to happen don’t you? She will get that job.

What are you focusing on?

I had to stop and focus on moving and my business fell off which is a good thing because I couldn’t have handled it and the move too. But I’m settled in now and focusing on what I expect to happen next. I completed a book proposal right before my move and now I’m going to turn the concept into a five week teleclass that will help me write material for it, create exercises for it and have an interaction with people to develop it further. My focus shifted to a phase of my vision. The teleclass is part of writing the book but it’s not just sitting here writing it. I get to interact with others as it evolves. So, I’m focusing on the concept, the idea of writing the book, but I’m focusing on taking a smaller step toward it right now.

Do your words support your vision?

When I was first learning the power of my spoken word and was trying to consciously be certain only positive words came from my mouth, I remember an occasion when I was called upon to look at a living environment (I can’t remember why) and I hated the rug on site. It was an ugly color, am outdated type – it spelled “tacky” to me and I had given up even thinking that judgmental word. I could barely comment on that environment because I had to find words that were not critical and judgmental.

I’m better at it now but I still monitor my spoken word. If I start to speak in a negative manner I stop myself cold until I can think of a positive way to reframe it. That’s how we change how we see things.

Do your words support your vision? Are they full of “I can do that!” and “I’m thinking bigger than that.” and “I expect that!”

You change your direction by talking about your world they way you want it to be. Then, that’s the way it will be.