How to Choose a Necklace

How to Choose a Necklace Nowadays, necklace has become one of the most popular jewelry between fashion women. It almost is the “Necessary weapons” of modern fashion women, but it doesn’t mean that any women can wear any style of necklace. 1. Only choose one that match the face of them can they reach the satisfactory results. There are some tips to help you to select a suitable necklace Oval face Basically, oval face is not limited to any shape of the necklace, only pay attention to the texture of the clothes, and the style to match it. Round face Round faces should choose the kind of necklace that can make your face more stretch .women who belong to this kind are more suitable for the form of a long necklace or T-shaped necklace. Do not choose a thick or short chain necklace. And remember do not wear large stones or pearls.. Ellipse face Thick necklace is more suitable for ellipse face. Because the thick necklace can make the vertical length of the oval face look shorter. . Heart-shaped face Wearing a thick necklace is nice for a woman with a heart-shaped face, or you can select a pearl necklace. Diamond-shaped face is similar with oval face, but there are more distinct edges. If the necklace is in keeping with your body shape we could worn any forms of necklaces, Oval square face Oval square face needs to lengthen and soften facial lines, we can use the T-shaped or simple pearl necklace to achieve the purpose. Rectangle face Rectangle face needs a sense of widen, so it is appropriate to wear a short necklace. Triangular face Triangular face are similar to heart-shaped face, but it has more distinct edges. You can choose a eye-catching necklace with soft lines to weaken facial edges and corners. Do not wear a necklace that the bottom is very sharp. 2. The size of the necklace When you want to buy a necklace or a pendant, you have to think about the length of it and the position it stays of your chest. A long necklace is focused on her charm of chest, and a short one will highlight the beauty of curves. A length of 16 inches that just above the clavicle, it is stress the curve of your neck . Princess-shaped length of 18 inches that hanging just above the clavicle is the most common length. 24-inch drama length they are hung on the clothes above