How to Choose and Use a Wine Cooler

A cooler is a small refrigeration unit designed specifically to hold wine at the appropriate posture and temperatures. The bottle should be stored on its side to keep the cork moist. This prevents drying of the cork. Some wines require different temperatures depending on the type that it is. A good general temperature for wine in is 55°F. However, some wines and other bottled alcoholic beverages can use various temperatures. Full bodied reds are best served at 59-66°F, and you’ll want to store it at a slightly lower temperature. Light reds, such as pinot noir, are best served and stored at the nice even 55°F. Dry white wines, blush wines, and rose wines are deliciously served at 46-57°F, but store it close to 55°F. Champagne and sparkling wine are fantastic when served at 43-47°F.

The types of units available for storage are very varied. To choose a cooler that will be best for your wine collection, consider first how many bottles you wish to store. If you only keep a half dozen around, a small countertop model may suffice. The most common size fits under a counter or in some small area and they tend to hold about 20 bottles. Some of these have dual zones for controlling different temperatures for different types. The cooler options vary from these small units and mid-size furniture up into an entire wine room that can be built into your home.

Some other reasons you may want to purchase a cooler to chill your wine bottles while in storage and preparation for serving is to protect them from vibration and protect them from the odors of other foods. Using quality storage will not only protect your wine from these spoilers, but will allow your wine to age gracefully into a flavorful bouquet of grapes, and if you are a true wine connoisseur, you will appreciate how your wine changes and improves as it matures.

One more consideration when purchasing a wine cooler is the décor and style of the unit. You should choose one that will complement the décor in the room where it will be kept. Some coolers are entire pieces of decorative furniture. When you have guests into your home and you pull out a bottle of wine, you want one that you can feel proud to pull your wine from. Another key factor in choosing is adjustable racks. This can be very helpful if you store some unusually shaped bottles. As you can see, a properly temperate wine bottle cooler unit can be a very beneficial investment into your enjoyment of your wine.