How to Clear Your Mind and Start a New Life


Before you can build a brand new exciting life, you must make room for the new you. You must clear your mind of the wreckage of your past which will open it to valuable new insights. Think of it as buying a new wardrobe and then trying to fit all your new clothes in a closet which is already jammed with your old clothes.

The mind is the same as your closet; If you have a head full of old negative, guilty, blaming others stuff; you can’t fill your mind with new ideas.

You need to take a personal inventory and rid yourself of all the junk you’ve been carrying around. To change your life, you must start with a thorough self inventory.

James Bertrand:

“Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future.”

This is so important. Alcoholics Anonymous believes that unless a recovering addict takes this step, it is unlikely they will stay sober. So get started.

Step 10 from the big book of AA goes on to suggest that we continue to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admit it.

Notice that the Tenth Step says that when we were wrong we promptly admit it. It doesn’t say that when we were wrong we promptly justify it.

Three Mind Clearing Steps

Step One

Make a list of everyone you’ve harmed, offended or blamed for your life. Write down their name. This must be done with a pencil and paper, not with your computer.

There is power in the written word. Writing connects your pad and pencil to your subconscious mind in a way that the keyboard simply can’t.

Make your list, then write beside each name how you may have offended or blamed that person. Be sure to include everyone, even those who are deceased.

You cannot progress in a new life without this clearing. So be detailed.

Step Two

Make an amends to each and everyone on the list. If they are living and reside near by, you should arrange to meet them face to face and make your amends. Tell them you are building a new life and you need to clear the junk of your past before you can move on.

It is not necessary that they accept your amends or that they forgive you. What is necessary is for you to make the effort. Then it is gone from you and you have room for new and wonderful ideas and actions.

If it’s not possible to arrange to meet face to face, then call. Don’t leave a message. Talk to them.

If you can’t call, then write an old-fashioned letter. Absolutely no email amends. Sit down and write a real letter, again there is power in the act of writing.

Lastly, if the other party is deceased, write them a real letter. Post it in a real mail box. It will go to a dead letter office. You have relieved yourself of some heavy baggage.

One very important detail. You do not make an amends to someone if your amend would hurt them. Example: You’ve had an affair. You cannot go to the unsuspecting spouse and make an amends. Treat this amends as if the offended party was deceased. Write them a letter and let it go to the dead letter office.

Step Three

Now you come to the fun parts. Once your mental closet is cleaned out, you get to go on a shopping spree. You get to start a brand-new life. Here’s how you do it.

With your mind clear of guilt, fear, dread and blame you have a vacuum to fill. You can fill your mind with goals and dreams and a plan for a your new life.

Ben Stein:

“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.”

Make a want list.

Write ten things you want, career, house, a car, relationship whatever, ten things that you think would make you happy.

Look hard at the list and pick three of your most profound wants. Select the ones that stir your emotions, these will be your true desires.

Then make a list of the things you would have to do to have it?

Would you need to go to school, move, what would you have to do?

Then make a plan. Start the footwork that will take you to your new exiting life.

Pick the fist thing you need to do and commit to taking the first step toward accomplishing it today. Then take the necessary action.


By doing this mind clearing personal inventory, you have made room for new ideas. You’ll need to continue this process on a regular basis. When issues come up, clear the junk and add your new ideas. When you are wrong, admit it.

You can have anything in life you want.

Making resolutions is a cleansing ritual of self-assessment and repentance that demands personal honesty and, ultimately, reinforces humility. Breaking old habits is part of the cycle.

As in the twelve steps of AA, you are seeking a spiritual awakening.

Copyright © Wee Dilts 2009