How to Control Hunger Pangs

If you want to lose weight constantly, you should learn how to control hunger pangs. Our body adopts hunger as the natural way of telling us that it lacks energy and nutrients. Therefore, we experience a strong desire to have food. Unfortunately, hunger cannot tell us about the amount of energy that we need to consume from our food. As a result, we tend to eat more food than required and start gaining weight. The situation becomes more challenging with so many calorie-rich food products available in the market.

Many studies done in this field indicate that controlling hunger is a natural and ongoing process. It involves multiple complex processes including physiological and psychological ones. When you feel hungry, your body sends chemical messages one after the other to the brain. The messages contain information about the fat stores in your body, blood glucose levels, and food in your stomach. The brain analyzes these messages and calculates the energy levels required by the body.

Remember, following a healthy eating pattern is the simplest way of controlling hunger pangs. For this, you need to have 5-6 small meals everyday. Other than this, you can munch on foods, which contain very low amount of calories. For example, you can eat carrots or enjoy fruit salad when you feel hungry between two meals. This will help you keep full control on your weight and enjoy a good health. You can never gain weight by eating vegetables unless you add butter or mayonnaise. Same is true for most of the fruits available in the market. 

If you want to control hunger, avoid eating processed foods. Switching to fruits and vegetables is another way of controlling hunger pangs.

Tips on controlling hunger

Have protein-rich foods in every meal that you have. This is because protein helps in suppressing hunger and controlling hunger pangs.
Eat at least 5-6 servings of light meals to minimize the intensity of such pangs
Avoid eating simple sugar foods.
Include high fiber foods to as it fills your stomach.
Exercise regularly as it helps in controlling appetite and food intake.