How to Cook Chicken on a Gas Grill For the Best Flavor

There are various ways of cooking meat such as pork, chicken and beef. At the same time, there are also different means and types of cooking equipment to choose from in terms of grilling. How to cook chicken on a gas grill is one of them and here is a list of suggestions and tips:

If there is one part of grilled chicken that we love to hate but enjoy eating, that would be the skin. Grilling your favorite chicken with its skin on is definitely appealing. However, most people end up having charred or burnt chicken skin after grilling. So what are we supposed to remember? First, do not pierce the meat before or during cooking. It also helps to use appropriate cooking utensils like tongs and skewers. How to cook chicken on a gas grill provides us valuable technique and requires patience, as you need to constantly turn the meat while grilling.

Medium temperature is another valuable element. For cooking chicken using high heat normally results to charring. Aside from temperature, time is also crucial in learning how to cook chicken on a gas grill. As a helpful tip, it is best if you will turn the chicken several times or every ten minutes. The total time of cooking is usually 30 to 40 minutes. However, this suggested grilling time may change depending on chicken size as well as the temperature of the gas grill.

Another known method on how to cook chicken on a gas grill is indirect cooking. If the grilling equipment happens to have dual burners, you can just opt to preheat both burners, turn off one side then carefully place your chicken onto the turned-off burner. Another method is making a pan-like base using aluminum foil, place it under the grate with the chicken placed properly over it. This method though requires an additional ten minutes to suggested grilling time but the results are said to be worth each wait.

To sum it up, cooking for your family may take you at unexplored territory. It is more of venturing into something that is new and exciting. How to cook chicken on a gas grill provides you with good-old technique. It may take time but the benefits are truly great if not worth-eating.