How to create holiday slideshow

This tutorial will introduce you the information of how to create birthday slideshow, you don’t need professional computer experience, just follow the steps as below, you can create your own holiday slideshow as soon as possible!

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With Photo Flash Maker Platinum, you can create holiday slideshow with photos, music, FLV videos, text, transitions and effects, then output SWF flash file to save to your computer, upload to social websites like MySpace, Live Spaces, blog, etc., upload to our free web album Go2Album, or insert to your own website.

Now let’s see how easy to create holiday slideshow by Photo Flash Maker Platium:

How to create holiday slideshow

It’s very easy for you to use Photo Flash Maker Platinum to create slideshow. With only a few clicks, a professional and wonderful holiday slideshow will be made. Let’s follow a few simple steps to create one!

Step 1. Add photos (add videos if you want to create video holiday slideshow) and choose transitions

Step 2. Choose template to display the holiday slideshow

Step 3. Publish the holiday slideshow

To upload holiday slideshow to Go2Album, select the second option and put in Go2Album ID and password, then the created slideshow will be included in your go2album account. Just tell your friends the URL of this album and share.

To upload to social websites, you just need to copy the code from the go2album album site, then paste into the desired place of the social websites.

To insert to your personal website, preview the video slideshow after publishing, then copy the code under the slideshow, paste it in anywhere of your HTML web page. After that, copy all produced files in the same folder with your HTML web page, and upload to web server.

Interested in creating holiday slideshow with Photo Flash Maker Platinum? Then  you can share with your friends and family of this hot holiday slideshow!