How To Create The Best Paper Name Labels

There are several key elements involved in finding, or indeed creating, the perfect paper insert for your name labels. You will have to ensure that the insert that you end up with has the right weight, perforations, and overall design.

A wide range of paper inserts for name labels are often available from online stores. These include vertical and agenda inserts, colored and color bar inserts, stick-on nametags, specialty size inserts, agenda and ticket forms, full color inserts and badge accessories.

Name labels are certainly not alike: although paper may always look quite similar, the best inserts will be neither too light to be able to hold their shape when they are being inserted or too heavy to be fed through the printer without a jam occurring. The perforations should also be designed so that the sheet stays together while it is being printed, while still allowing for the name labels to be separated easily when the time comes to assemble them. In addition to these factors, you will also have to ensure that the inserts for your name labels have a bright and clean finish that takes printer toner without any frustrating smudges.

Creating your own inserts for your name labels

There are several factors that you will have to consider if you decide to design your own nametag paper inserts.

Firstly, you will probably have to consider what size fonts to use on your name labels. We generally advise customers to use fonts of 26-40 pts in size, in a font that is clear and easy to read like Helvetica or Arial. The last thing you will want, after all, is to have your guests having to squint just to be able to tell the name of a fellow guest with whom they are networking.

The name should really be readable from 10ft away so that you can avoid this kind of awkwardness. The rest of the information on the name label should be smaller so that the most important information, the guest’s first name, is by far the most prominent thing on the name label, and will therefore not be confused with any other supporting information in the brief time that guests have to introduce themselves and network.

You should also consider what emergency information to have on the back of your name badge. As most of your guests will be travelling from home into town, you should consider both on-location emergency information that can be used by your guests if they require it, and space for their personal emergency information in case the worst happens. On-location emergency information could include the local fire, police or ambulance numbers, plus the address of the nearest emergency room. You may also wish to include the contact details of local chapters of support groups such as Alcoholics and Gamblers Anonymous.

The space that you leave blank for personal emergency information, meanwhile, could be filled in by your guests with information about their next of kin or emergency contacts, allergies or medical conditions. BOLA TANGKAS
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