How To Curb Food Cravings – 10 Tips You Can Use Today

Food cravings can sabotage your diet. Give in too often and all your hard work is for naught, but ignore them and they can grow stronger until you finally give in.

While it’s natural to experience cravings from time to time, it’s vital to know a few tricks so you know how to curb food cravings before they destroy your dieting efforts.

Here are 10 tips you can start using today.

1. Make sure your diet plan doesn’t restrict you from too many foods. When you’re following a healthy weight loss plan, moderation is going to be more effective than abstinence. Eating is an enjoyable part of life, after all, and you certainly don’t want to feel like having a healthy, svelte body is going to restrict you from living a rich, full life. You can have a great body and eat wonderful foods. These foods just need to be consumed in small amounts. The best diet plans, in my experience, are those that allow quite a bit of flexibility in the day’s menu, while still holding you accountable to a certain number of calories.

2. Know the times of day when you need to be particularly on guard. If you feel like snacking when you first get home from work, for example, make sure you have healthy snacks around at that time so you won’t succumb to your cravings and sabotage your diet – and your dinner. Plan ahead for these difficult times of day.

3. Are your food cravings satisfying a nutritional need – or an emotional one? Do you crave particular foods when you are lonely, stressed – or simply bored? If you are able to identify the triggers that cause you to overeat, you can better cope with the emotions. If you suspect you are craving certain foods for emotional reasons, write in your personal journal (or discuss with a counselor or therapist) the question of what is at the root of your food craving.

4. Are your food cravings stress related? If so, you can fend them off with other stress management techniques, such as a vigorous walk, a hot bath, or any other relaxation technique. See if you can find comfort in pleasurable experiences that have nothing to do with food.

5. Don’t allow yourself to get too hungry. Our cravings call the loudest when we’re feeling famished, so you can fend off a lot of food cravings simply by making sure to eat every three to five hours.

6. Moderation is key. If you have a craving that won’t go away, eat a small bit (a portion size of less than 200 calories.) Then move on with your day.

7. Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep and rest. When we are tired, we are more likely to feel cravings, and we may feel less capable to fight the urge to give in.

8. Exercise. When you get out and get your body moving, you distract yourself from the cookie jar. Plus, the resulting endorphins will make you feel great. The changes in your body that come with a regular exercise routine will further motivate you to stick with your exercise plan.

9. Keep healthy food choices on hand for when those cravings strike. If you have to drive across town to satisfy your craving, you’ll be less likely to succumb.

10. If you give in to a craving and overindulge, don’t be too hard on yourself. Call a friend and share your feelings, and don’t be discouraged. Start in on your healthy eating plan tomorrow with renewed vigor. BOLA TANGKAS
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