How to Defend yourself even Without Martial Arts Moves

There is bad news and good news when it comes to street crime. The bad news is that it’s increasing. There is no getting away from that fact. Even though it is well known that police forces like to mask the real crime rates, even their possibly filtered down statistics suggest that crime is on the up. The good news is that street thugs are not particularly bright or brave so anyone who knows how to fight back is likely to be able to successfully fend them off. Even better news is that learning martial arts moves to help you defeat them is not necessary as some old fashioned street fighting maneuvers could be enough.

While many attackers will try and go for the jugular from the offset, if they see that you are prepared to stand your ground they may have cause to step back a bit and analyze you to see if you know any martial arts. This will probably result in them throwing a few exploratory blows to see what you’ve got. At this point it is prudent not to expend too much energy. This means that you shouldn’t block any blows they throw unless they are certain to hit you. Allow them to continue wasting energy by hitting air before making your move when the opening presents itself.

If a thug sees that you are no walk in the park they may get afraid and run off altogether. What you don’t want to do is allow them to linger around the scene. Who knows, they may only be stalling for time while an accomplice makes their appearance. With this in mind it is important to try and end the altercation in your favor as soon as possible. You don’t need to be an expert in martial arts moves in order to deal with scum like this. All that is needed is a bit of patience and technique that can be learned from a variety of self defense DVD’s on the market.

The simplest but most effective technique is to hit them direct in what is known as a ‘sweet spot’. The most obvious one is of course the groin area with almost all random attacks carried out by men. Yet most men will automatically cover this area up so other places must be targeted. A simple poke to the eyes has blinded many attackers and allows you to follow up with the aforementioned groin kick. An accurate kick to the point of the knee is proven to take down even the biggest man whilst a blow to the Adam’s Apple is also near the top of the most effective moves list. While such moves may be offensive to someone with a martial arts background, when the chips are down any means of defending yourself will do.

Don’t allow misplaced notions of honor stop you from carrying out whatever moves are needed to get home in one piece. If they don’t attack you immediately allow them to waste time and energy for a while throwing innocuous blows before advancing on them and finishing the fight before anyone else gets involved. If you know a sequence of martial arts moves then all the better but some basic street fighting techniques should see you safe.