How to Discover The Best Body Moisturizing Cream

Are you still looking for a body moisturizing cream that works? It’s disappointing and frustrating to go through one product after another. After you moisturize your skin do you already feel dry and itchy a few hours later? If you don’t know what to look for you will continue to deal with that everyday. Why put up with that when you don’t have to?

This article will explain why your current moisturizer isn’t working and what to look for to get the best body moisturizing cream that will work for you.

The last thing you want to use on your skin are synthetic ingredients that don’t work. Here’s a thought do you realize when you put any lotion or cream onto your skin some ingredients actually make their way into your blood stream. When you stop to think about this it only makes sense. What you put onto your skin is absorbed. It has to go somewhere.  Are you OK using synthetic ingredients on your skin?

If your body moisturizing cream isn’t working for you check the ingredients listed. Here’s a list of some ingredients you might find.

Fragrances – most are chemicals many with toxic or carcinogenic ingredients
Alcohol – will dry  and irritate your skin may promote brown spots and premature aging of skin
Parabens – are chemicals used as preservatives known to cause allergic reactions and rashes.
Mineral oils – a petroleum by product, it clogs pores and strips the natural oils from your skin.

The list of ingredients goes on these are just a few that should concern you.  This should answer the reason why products you have used didn’t work.  If you want to know the best body moisturizing cream to use look for the following all natural ingredients.

Active Manuka Honey – this is a special type of honey which has healing properties for the skin.
Natural vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant, reverse effects of aging, fine lines wrinkles and age spots.
Olivem – olive oil closest compatibility with our own skin oils hydrate and rejuvenate skin.
Jojoba oil – deeply moisturizing reduce wrinkles and stretch marks
Grapeseed oil – powerful antioxidant repair skin