How to Easily and Naturally Write Best Selling Fiction

There is one skill that separates those that only wish to write successful, bestselling novels, and those that actually follow through and make this dream come true. If you go to the bookstore and look in the “How To” section, you’ll find plenty of books on how to write bestselling novels. There is no shortage of advice on how to create a believable characters, a fascinating plot that will grab readers as they feel compelled to read this story, even advice on how to design your own book cover.

You want to know a secret?

There is on quality that you need more than anything else to make your dreams come true. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve read, and learned from several of those books on how to write novels. In fact when people ask, I usually tell them that is one of the reasons for the success of my own novels. But there is once piece of advice that will take you further than any literary technique you can glean from any seminar, or book, or free online article. (Wait a sec!)

Ready to know the secret?

Persistence. You have to sit there, in front of your computer (just like you are doing now,) and write. And write, and write some more. You need to set minimum number of words to write every single day. Regardless. Some say five hundred words is a good number, some write many more. Once you get into the habit, the solid, everyday habit of writing, something magical happens.

All those dreams and wonderful ideas that you have bottled up inside that creative mind of yours will start to come out. And sooner or later you will organize them into a cohesive story that many will pay to read. All the techniques, character development, plot development, all that will come naturally. Sure it helps to read about those techniques in your spare time. But the most important thing is to write.

Every single day. And that will separate you from all the millions of others who “have a story” inside them. By writing every single day, your story will get out, and be told, and be read. By millions. Get started. Now.