How to Encourage Friends Who Are Going Through Chemotherapy?


Cancer chemotherapy is used for treating various types of cancer. It is extremely difficult to deal with the extreme mental and physical stress experienced during this treatment. Hence, the individuals undergoing this treatment require support from their friends and family members during the process.

Along with these there are chemotherapy side effects also which the patient has to go through during the process of treatment. However, these side effects are not the same for all the individuals undergoing this treatment.

The side effects of Chemotherapy include hair loss, dehydration, fatigue, nausea and vomiting. These side effects are dependent on some factors such as type of cancer, overall health of the individual and the dosage.

Some useful tips are provided here which will help you to encourage your friends who are going through chemotherapy:

Individuals undergoing this treatment get easily tired and may not ask for any help or don’t have any energy left for seeking any help. Hence, you should take the initiative and lend your helping hand in all the ways possible.
You can help them in the daily activities such as cleaning and cooking. You can also take them to the doctor and also accompany them for the treatment.
It is not a very easy task to provide support to your friend going through the treatment. Hence, it is necessary to arrange your schedules accordingly so that you can spend time with them without disturbing your own work.
Try to engage them with some activities or watch funny movies with them. Listen carefully to what the person wants to convey without offering many advices or judgment.
You can help your friend in discussing about chemotherapy and getting all the queries answered regarding the treatment. You can also discuss with the doctor some issues which your friend cannot express properly.
Consult a doctor, if you feel that your friend is getting depressed and undertake the remedial measures suggested by the doctor.

The above discussed tips will surely help you to encourage friends who are going though chemotherapy treatment and help to deal with the stress associated with it.