How to Experience the Value of Organic Gardening For Your Health and Family

There are many different ways to grow food that gets placed on your table to eat. Some methods are down right disgusting and I personally feel they shouldn’t be allowed. Maybe you know what I’m referring to.

The big beautifully shaped and not a single blemish on them fruits and vegetables that you see in the super market. They have mass produced chemical compound fertilizers sprayed on them that make them plump up with more water and greater size. They have pesticides sprayed on them to make sure no bugs invade them and make them look bad with scars and blemishes.

Now you have to wonder if that is really how mother nature intended you to get your nutrition. From nutritionally deficient foods that are grown fast and with artificial means? Those foods are grown for profit and not nutritional value. They are cheaper in the market than the organics are which makes them more appealing to the buyer because their food bill is less but at what cost.

If you care to look around and observe the health condition of the people in the world and the new strains of diseases that seem to plague us all the time. You should be able to deduct that something is wrong. They tell you to make and eat balanced meals with all the food groups but the stuff you are ingesting has been tampered with. How is a body going to function properly if you feed it stuff that shouldn’t go in a body?

You wouldn’t eat arsenic or cyanide but they sure do think it’s ok to spray that on many things that come in contact with your food.

Cyanides are used as insecticides for the fumigating of ships. Ships carry your food. Hmmm. Arsenic and its compounds are used as pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides .

Now both arsenic and cyanide are toxic to humans and animals. Why the hell would we think it is ok to eat foods that are subject to concentrations of these compounds? Are we as a people so damn blind? Or is it we are being tricked into thinking it’s ok and that the foods you are buying are safe to eat.

The food industry is mainly driven by profit and is being run by large corporations in the better part of the world. They have share holders that are looking for their dividends and expect large profits so these corporations are going to try very hard to convince you that their foods are good for you. Now they aren’t deliberately poisoning the food to hurt their customers but they aren’t taking the steps so you aren’t ever exposed to the poisons. They are usually using the allowed amounts of the poisons.

Allowed Amounts? How do they determine an allowed amount of poison? Do they feed people these poisons in different amounts to see what will happen? I don’t really feel there is an allowed amount unless it is naturally occurring in the natural growth of a food and nature has that worked out.

Your best bet is to purchase your fruits and vegetables from local producers and small farms that are organic. Work out your budget to purchase more organics from the super market if you can’t get to a farmers market. Make sure your meats are also naturally raised and not sprayed with anything after butchering. Organic fruits vegetables and meats and grains are the way to great health.

Now to the main point of this article. Growing your own organic fruits and vegetables. It is a lot easier than you may think to grow organically. There are plenty of methods of growing even in a small area or a window box or containers on a porch. They can even be grown indoors with lighting.

If you have a garden area in the yard then you can produce more quantity as well. You can even take your produce to the farmers market and trade it with others for what they grew or just sell your surplus. You will also meet more like minded people at the market and make new friends for sure.

In this fast paced and hectic world we need a break from all the stress and the organic garden is a good place to escape to for finding some peace and quiet. Most all climates have a good growing season and steps can be taken to handle very cold and hot climates so the growing season can be lengthened.

The benefits of growing organic fruits and vegetables are ever expanding. For your health there is no better way to improve it than good quality free from poisons foods. Your first line of defense from any attack on the body is your digestive system. If you put a substance in it that will break down that system then any number of bad things can come about and affect you from within.

Eat well and you will live well. Eat foods with diminished nutritional value and poisons and you wont be living well.

So get out there and grow organically. Buy organically if you can’t seem to squeeze the time to build a garden. If that’s the case maybe your life needs the garden so you can go relax and just sit on the bench. Just get organic!